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'Four More Years'
No, that's not what some Red, White & Blog readers are chanting today in anticipation of the column's hiatus following this final 2012 post. It is what Barack Obama tweeted after taking Ohio's electoral votes and locking up a second term for his presidency. But given the role some newer media - like Twitter - played in the down-to-the-wire race, maybe the Prez should've tweeted "four more screens." It's probably not possible to figure out exactly what role media, especially social media played in the final outcome, but it clearly is, and will continue to be, a growing factor in ...» 0 Comments
On Election Day Eve, Study Finds Biggest Winner May Be None Of The Above
Billions of dollars, more than a million TV spots, a dozen Red, White & Blogs, and untold MediaPost unsubscribes later and the 2012 political media season will wrap up tomorrow with the big winner most likely being "none of the above" - at least insofar as the sentiment of the American public toward political advertising and media spin goes. Interestingly, in spite of - or maybe because of - all that political media heft, the perception of both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney was largely negative on the eve of Election Day, according to a not-so-shocking study by the Pew ...» 1 Comments
The Most Important Presidential Campaign Spot You Will Never See
Video: Mitt Romney onstage, Tampa Convention Center, Aug. 20, 2012. Audio: "President Obama promised to begin to slow the rise of the oceans. (Laughter) And to heal the planet. My promise is to help you and your family." (Applause) Video: Montage of Statue of Liberty standing in water, a submerged Lower Manhattan, devastated New Jersey Coastline.» 13 Comments
Is A Picture Worth A Thousand Votes? Depends On Who Is Conquesting Whose
It used to be that the most powerful way to hijack your opponent's image was to use it in a negative way in one of your own campaign ads. But now, thanks to some new "in-image" contextual ad technology, you can turn your opponent's image into an ad.» 0 Comments
Battered, And Operating On Batteries
Apologies if today's Red, White &Blog Blog isn't 100% about the political media scene, but filing this via my smartphone, with no electricity and diminishing battery. The reason, of course, is the effects of Hurrican Sandy, which has knocked a good portion of some of America's biggest media markets off the commmunications grid. No electricity means no broadband, no TV, and throw us back into the stone age of battery operated transistor radio, candle light, and neighbors walking door-to-door to survey damage and exchange news updates. So what's the political connection? Well, it struck me a year ago after Hurricane ...» 5 Comments
'Daily Show,' Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Rivaling Mainstream Sources Of Campaign News
If Theodore White wrote his landmark "The Making of The President" in 2012, instead of 1960 (or its sequels in 1964, 1968, and 1972) it would not be the major broadcast TV networks or powerful national newspapers that were the most influential sources of media in shaping the views of voters, but cable news channels, local TV stations, and increasingly, the Internet. Less than two weeks before Election Day, the Pew Research Center released findings of a new study indicating that the Web, not surprisingly, has emerged as the fastest growing source of campaign news for most Americans, and is ...» 0 Comments
Spot Proves Clint Is A Romney 'Stake' Holder, After all
So much for my theory that Clint Eastwood's empty chair-talking stunt during the Republican National Convention was actually a performance designed to sabotage Mitt Romney's big moment. While Clint's WTF act did steal some thunder and created a sense of weirdness leading into Romney's nomination acceptance speech, he apparently is a genuine Romney supporter, and appears in a new campaign ad to prove it.» 7 Comments
TiVo: Battleship = Viewership, Obama Moments Dominate Debate
Barack Obama won the battle -- literally -- for TV viewers during the final televised presidential debate Monday night. Obama's "battleship moment" -- the point when he countered Mitt Romney's assertion that the U.S. Navy has fewer ships than it did in 1916 by saying, "the question is not a game of Battleship where we're counting ships" -- was the most viewed moment, according to an analysis released this afternoon by TiVo Research and Analytics.» 3 Comments
Political Advertisers Embrace RTB, Category Soars During Q3
Given the dynamic real-time nature of political campaigns heading into their final lap, it's not surprising that the RTB marketplace for political advertising is soaring, according to just released estimates from Rubicon Project's third-quarter RTB Report.» 0 Comments
What If The Media Rating Council Oversaw Presidential Elections
I'm agitated by the upcoming presidential election. Not because I'm worried about the outcome, since I'm pretty confident my guy is going to win. Rather, as a media researcher, it boggles my mind that the election of the individual who is undoubtedly the most powerful person on the planet doesn't require much more rigorous standards in how he/she is selected.» 9 Comments