• DataXu Secures $27M In Venture Capital, Targets Global Software

    Thomvest Ventures, a venture capital group headed by founder and managing director Peter Thomson, led DataXu's $27 million venture funding. DataXu is now focusing on becoming a global software company. ...Read the whole story

  • NAI To Develop Mobile Privacy Code

    In recent months, the Federal Trade Commission as well as the California Attorney General have issued recommendations for mobile privacy. Now, the self-regulatory group Network Advertising Initiative says it plans to develop mobile privacy standards. ...Read the whole story

  • Consumers Sharing Data Are More Satisfied

    "All in all, it's turned out well," Kirk Parsons, director of wireless services at J.D. Power, tells Marketing Daily. "They're reinventing the wheel about how [customers] think about data. Before, it had been about individual usage. Now they're thinking about it as a group dynamic." ...Read the whole story

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Hyperbabble Watch: The Unique Triple Qualification Approach

Thanks for the reception to Hyberbabble Watch. It seems to have hit a nerve across readers, even some tech-oriented PR types. As I explained to one of them, my goal isn't to tweak them so much as send a signal to their clients that all this hyperbabblic language is just plain silly and counter-productive. I will know this column as succeeded when we stop finding sources to highlight. Or better yet, I liked Andrew Szykier's suggestion that we develop a "hyperfilter" capable of parsing "a set of words that act as babble flags. ...More

  • DNS: An Acronym The Digital Community Can't Live Without

    As an ad tech enthusiast, I have developed an appreciation for how crucial a role the domain name system plays in ad serving and e-commerce in particular. At Dyn's "Dyn-Tini" event in Manchester, New Hampshire, this was highlighted by seeing demand-side platforms on display such as MediaMath, Triggit and DataXu. The programmatic pulse of each DSP relies on Dyn while answering billions of ad calls per day. ...More