Tuesday, February 14, 2012

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    • A Guide To Achieving SEO GoalsSearch Engine Journal

      Customize dashboard SEO widgets, set up custom alerts to identify when SEO goals have been met, and gain deeper insights into SEO conversion processes with multichannel funnels. These three important tasks are described by Dali Burgado, who also provides custom reports that marketers might want to save and refer to another time. For example, Burgado explains how to add an SEO widget to a dashboard and how to determine the number of steps that assist in a conversion, along with its value.  ...Read the whole story

    • Tips On A/B Testing Ad CopySEOmoz

      Brian Rauschenbach put together an ad copy worksheet template that marketers can use to develop new ad-copy ideas and best practices. He takes us through the process of effective A/B ad testing and best practices. One example defines what it means to localize an ad by creating a "geo ad group," and picking a city to set the location. Rauschenbach suggests running only one ad against what he calls the AdWords campaign, making it easier to test ads. ...Read the whole story

    • Judge Rules In Favor Of Google, Microsoft, YahooLaw.com

      Ohio-based Paid Search Engine Tools sued Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo in the Eastern District of Texas, alleging that its paid-advertisement services infringed one of its patents. District Judge David Folsom ruled in favor of the search engines that invalidated a patent related to paid-advertisement services. The judge said the patent was not valid based on prior art. Attorneys for Paid Search filed suit against Yahoo in September 2007, claiming that Yahoo Search Marketing infringed its patent related to paid searches. The company later sued Google and Microsoft. ...Read the whole story

    • Bing Goes To The GrammysDigital Media Wire

      Viewers using Viggle to check into the Grammy awards that aired Sunday got a surprise. Bing, integrated into the experience, allowed users to interact with real-time trivia, polls and voting related to programming, as well as search on the engine to help viewers find information about artists and events. Chris Marlowe said the app has been downloaded 140,000 times since the Jan. 25 rollout, and users average 70 minutes per session each time they launch it. ...Read the whole story

    • U.S., E.U. Approve Google's Motorola Mobility DealU.S. Department of Justice

      The Department of Justice Tuesday approved Google's $12.5 billion acquisition of Motorola Mobility. The Mountain View, Calif. tech giant said it wanted the company to improve Android and control the patents. The previous day, the European Union also approved the deal, saying it did not believe the acquisition would threaten competition and would "not significantly modify the market situation in respect of operating systems and patents for these devices." ...Read the whole story

    • The Importance Of Title TagsThe Search Agents
    • Google Details Privacy DefensePolitico
    • Google Allegedly Denies MPAA's Demand For DataTorrentFreak
    Could Google Be Its Own Google-Killer?

    As we all know, Google has been a publicly traded company for many years now. So it faces the rather daunting challenge of consistently showing value and growth to its investors. But Google also has a ...More