Monday, April 9, 2012
  • Marketers Increase Search Budgets, Mobile Gets Uptick

    Marketers spent 16% more on search budgets in Q1 in the U.S. and 3% in the U.K. compared with the year-ago quarter, according to a report published Monday. The Adobe Systems Global Digital Advertising Q1 2012 Update reveals that ROI for campaigns in the United States rose 11% in the quarter compared with a year ago. Finance and automotive demonstrated the most increases, while the retail sector fell 5%. ...Read the whole story

  • Report: Google Tablet Coming In July

    The Verge reports that Google's own co-branded tablet may be imminent, with a rollout to consumers as early as July. The Android-powered 7-inch device appears to be aimed as much at the Amazon Kindle Fire as at the iPad ...Read the whole story

    Around The Net

    • Survey Analyzes Search Engine Services In Query ResultsSEO Book

      Aaron Wall asks whether search engines should have an option to preferentially promote their own services in their engine's search results. Nearly two-thirds of those taking the survey said the search engines should not. Of those 65 years and older, more want greater editorial objectivity, whereas those ages 14 to 24 are fine with search engines preferentially promoting their own services. The survey also analyzes age, income and region. ...Read the whole story

    • Hipmunk Trip Adviser Considers SchedulesMashable

      A mobile app update on the Hipmunk mobile platform aims to make it easy to integrate Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar or Apple iCal appointments with flight and hotel searches, according to Sarah Kessler. The scheduler alerts users when appointments conflict with flights. Kessler tells us that when booking travel plans, the update eliminates toggling between calendar and Hipmunk. There are several missing features, she writes. Kessler suggests a way to add a travel companion's schedule to search results, for example, and offers up other suggestions. ...Read the whole story

    • Google's CEO Update To Call It OutGoogle Investor Relations

      Google CEO Larry Page's 2012 update on the company's investors' page calls out all of last year's changes -- the good, the bad, and the different ideas, such as self-driving cars. The co-founder explains the reasons for slashing many of the company's products, integrating social signals with search, expanding with the acquisition of Motorola Mobility, and understanding the relationship between all Google products and the company's long-term focus.  ...Read the whole story

    • Should We Compromise On Internet Privacy?WebProNews

      Drew Bowling points to a cartoon in The New Yorker that ran in 1993, featuring a dog sitting in front of a computer and looking over to his friend saying: "On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog." Interesting analogy. With that image, Bowling describes what he believes could be a compromise based on recent events, media articles, and the introduction of privacy bills. ...Read the whole story