Three Things Facebook Needs To Nail With Search

Mark Zuckerberg took the stage last week at Techcrunch Disrupt to discuss all things Facebook, including the inevitability of a true Facebook search engine. It was the piece of information that most technology writers gravitated towards; even the stock price took notice (Facebook shares rose more than $2 per following the Zuckerberg interview). Why is the promise of a Facebook search engine so exciting to users and shareholders alike? ...More

  • Bing It On

    Microsoft's Bing is finally ready to shake off its inferiority complex by taking on the mighty Google in a head to head, "blind" taste challenge. ...More

  • Chrome Gets Do-Not-Track Setting, But Industry Still Struggles With Concept

    Google has confirmed that it will soon join Mozilla, Microsoft and Apple in adding a do-not-track setting to its browser, Chrome. With the move, Google is fulfilling a promise it made in February to start offering a browser-based do-not-track setting. Despite the news, the browser-based approach to do-not-track seems to have lost momentum from earlier in the year, when everyone from the Federal Trade Commission to the online ad group Digital Advertising Alliance went on record as supporting the concept. ...More

  • Preference Center Or Subscription Center

    We tend to use the terms preference center and subscription center synonymously, yet in most cases they offer very different values to the consumer and the business. The belief is that the consumer understands enough about the brand they are engaging with that they will self-select options of communications, including cadence, type of communication and even communication channel. The belief is that the consumer will update this information somewhat regularly so it doesn't get outdated. I've always been a bit of a skeptic when it comes to the value of preference centers, but some of the social media polls and ...More