• Adobe Creates IPad Publishing App Tool

    Adobe will attempt to capture more of the publishing market by appealing to small companies and individuals creating content in apps for iPads. The platform, Creative Cloud publishing, now supports a folio feature, allowing content creators to build single pieces of the marketing material, brochure and publication into an iPad app, rather than a dashboard filled with a library of publications. ...Read the whole story

  • Adap.tv 'Planner' To Optimize Online Video Buys

    With billions of ad dollars at stake, online video networks are fighting hard for a bigger piece of the pie. To that end, Adap.tv on Tuesday debuted a new tool, which it believes is the best way yet for advertisers to plan their online video buys. ...Read the whole story

  • Social, Mobile Soar In Back-To-School Finale

    As merchants sift through their back-to-school receipts, it looks like the season's two best sellers were social and mobile sales.IBM's Benchmark reports that social sales, or online sales that happen as a result of a referral from a social media site, accounted for 1.6% of July sales. ...Read the whole story

Gone (To The Party) Girl: How Life Informs Search

There are two things I'm wildly attracted to: smarts and celebrity gossip. I attribute the latter to my lacking awareness of cultural happenings. Reading People magazine happens primarily at O'Hare and I've failed miserably at my New Year's resolution to watch more television. So, when I know anything at all, especially something involving real Hollywood, I get giddy. And I know something now that you may not! ...More

  • Future of SEM is Beyond the Search Engines

    A recent Forrester report found 30% of online shopping trips start with Amazon—compared to only 19% with Google. Amazon’s long march to be “the Google of Retail” seems to have come to a successful end. Add the fact that Amazon now allows third parties to advertise within its search results, and it starts to feel a lot like a search engine—and that a profound shift in "SEM" will follow.The phenomenon isn’t limited to Amazon. More and more companies are opening up their on-site search results to third party marketers. It’s already the norm for most online travel agencies. Facebook has ...More

  • Neuroscience Research Indicates Boomers Open To Pitch-Perfect Ads

    There are multiple reasons why advertisers are drawn to the 18-to-49 demographic. The least interesting is the potential for a more efficient buy. As one long-time industry observer put it: you pay for the 18-to-49 viewers and anyone 50-plus watching, you get for free. ...More