• Branded Content Finds Home On Portals, Social Sites

    Taking branded content to consumers at portals or on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter has emerged as an answer to the problem of finding or aggregating the perfect audience. That's because the audience already exists and it gives companies one-on-one conversations that provide an opportunity to fundamentally change how they market themselves. It's no longer necessary to drag consumers back to branded Web sites, according to Andrew Solmssen, managing director at Schematic, an interactive ad agency. "Because guess what, they're not coming," he says. ...Read the whole story

Attack Of The 50-Foot Faces

Where were you the morning of Thursday, October 21, 2010? I happened to be in a series of meetings. Yet if you were walking down a certain street in Singapore, you would have seen my face projected on to the side of a building, clearly visible in the night given the 12-hour time difference. Much to my relief, this caused no major panic in the region; the Singapore Exchange Limited opened 10 points higher Friday morning (yes, I checked). I sadly missed the moment, choosing the wrong time to pay attention to my colleagues and thus missing the video f ...More

  • My Response - Be Aware! ... of Social Networking Attacks

    Deep in the dark caves and caverns of the Internet forest is a love letter that I wrote on Hi5 to a boy I don't even know anymore... and I can't get rid of it. I think that in the beginning of the present social networking era (Hi5, MySpace, Tagged, Facebook specifically) people my age may [...] ...More