• NHL And NBC Integrate Sports, TV and Social Media In Campaign

    The National Hockey League and NBC Sports Thursday unveiled a campaign that integrates Facebook, Twitter and national television on the New Year's Day broadcast of the 2011 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic. ...Read the whole story

  • Ford Puts Social Media In Explorer's Front Seat

    The effort is an extension of "Explorer Live" on Ford's Facebook page. The site was originally intended to generate real-time responses to customers' questions about the vehicle. Now it has evolved into a viral content platform that still answers specific questions, but also has become a hub for dozens of video responses intended to be both technical and entertaining. ...Read the whole story

All I Want for Christmas Is A Perfect Social Network

As we head into the Christmas holiday, it's time for wish lists. Here's a theme-based one for people in social media: If Santa were to give you the gift of a perfect social network, what features would it contain? (And, yes, Virginia, this exercise assumes that Facebook -- for all of its world dominance -- still isn't perfect.) ...More

  • Search: And Then Social Content Creates Mass Relevance

    Yahoo, pushing to find a new identity, could blow through the remainder of 2010 on a high note. Those who caught Yahoo's good news Tuesday will know its sites ranked as the No. 1 visited properties in November with 181.0 million visitors on comScore's list. Google sites followed with 178.7 million and Microsoft with 175.7 million. It's the first time since August Yahoo displaced Google. Perhaps leaving search to Microsoft Bing might turn out well for the ailing engine. ...More