Thursday, December 23, 2010
  • NHL And NBC Integrate Sports, TV and Social Media In Campaign

    The National Hockey League and NBC Sports Thursday unveiled a campaign that integrates Facebook, Twitter and national television on the New Year's Day broadcast of the 2011 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic. ...Read the whole story

  • Ford Puts Social Media In Explorer's Front Seat

    The effort is an extension of "Explorer Live" on Ford's Facebook page. The site was originally intended to generate real-time responses to customers' questions about the vehicle. Now it has evolved into a viral content platform that still answers specific questions, but also has become a hub for dozens of video responses intended to be both technical and entertaining. ...Read the whole story

    All I Want for Christmas Is A Perfect Social Network

    As we head into the Christmas holiday, it's time for wish lists. Here's a theme-based one for people in social media: If Santa were to give you the gift of a perfect social network, what features ...More

    • Search: And Then Social Content Creates Mass Relevance

      Yahoo, pushing to find a new identity, could blow through the remainder of 2010 on a high note. Those who caught Yahoo's good news Tuesday will know its sites ranked as the No. 1 visited properties ...More