Thursday, August 28, 2014
  • For Ck one, Snapchat, Tumblr Key To Gen Y Hearts

    The Ck one brand -- which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year -- already has a strong millennial following, which relies heavily on social channels as well as such celebs as Korean pop star Taeyang, singer/songwriter Dev Hynes, and such models as Edie Campbell and Lucky Blue. ...Read the whole story

  • McDonald's Loves To See You Tailgating

    "We're a food company, and we know we're not traditional tailgating fare," John Lewicki, senior director of global sports marketing at McDonald's, tells "Marketing Daily." "But we wanted to take that idea of tailgating [and do it] McDonald's-style." ...Read the whole story

  • State Farm Enlists SNL Favorites

    The integrated campaign marks the start of a relationship with Lorne Michael's media and entertainment company, Broadway Video Entertainment and its Saturday Night Live properties as SNL celebrates its 40-year anniversary. ...Read the whole story

  • Tech Companies Back Yahoo In Battle Over SMS Messages

    Twitter, Path and other tech companies are asking a federal appellate court to make it harder for consumers to win class-action lawsuits over unwanted SMS messages. The tech companies say that the recent proliferation of lawsuits alleging violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act is forcing them to choose between avoiding text-based services or running the risk of litigation. ...Read the whole story

  • Coca-Cola Launches 'Lyric' Bottles In China

    Since I can never find a Coca-Cola bottle with my name on it, I'm rather enjoying this campaign for the brand that launched over the summer in China. The brand created "Lyric bottles," adding song lyrics from China's most famous and best loved songs to bottle packaging. Bottles allow users to express their feelings with sayings like: "When I think of you, I'm happy" and "Baby, I'm sorry." Users can scan a QR code on each bottle to unlock a 10-second animated musical clip that can be shared with friends via social media outlets. Isobar, the agency behind the campaign, ... ...Read the whole story

    Around The Net

    • Historic 'Fred' Channel Is Being Revived On YouTube Variety

      Lucas Cruikshank, the actor behind YouTube’s first breakout personality, Fred Figglehorn, is teaming with Collective Digital Studio to revive the "Fred" channel, helium voice and all. It was the first YouTube channel to get one million subcribers after the Fred character was invented, way back in 2006. ...Read the whole story

    • Zara Yanks Offensive T-shirtBloomberg

      Retailer Zara has yanked a line of offensive children's T-shirt from stores, and apologized. It says the striped shirt, which sported a six-pointed yellow star that says "Sheriff," was meant to invoke the Wild West. Others said it resembled uniforms worn at concentration camps during the Holocaust. It says the shirts will be destroyed. ...Read the whole story

    • GoPro's Next Move? A Harness Mount For Your DogWired

      You know you want to: GoPro is selling the Fetch harness, a camera mount designed specifically for dogs. Using either a chest or back mount, it fits animals between 15 and 120 pounds, and has special adaptations for short-legged pooches, like corgis. ...Read the whole story

    In Addition To Age, Millennials Differ In Many Ways

    As part of our recent focus on wealth, our previous two columns - "Millennials Are The Future, But Boomers Are Today" and "Gen X Is The Generation That Affluent Marketers Can't Afford To Ignore" -addressed where ...More

    • It's Always Time For A Change

      It's easy to say "teens" but it's a whole lot harder to pin down what it means. Sure, there's the simple chronological definition (with a bit of blurring at either end) but being a teen means ...More