Thursday, December 18, 2014
  • Comcast's Xfinity Launches 4K TV App On Samsung TV

    Now Comcast's Xfinity media platform is launching Xfinity in UHD -- a new 4K TV app on 2014 Samsung 4K TVs. Comcast's own NBC and USA Network will start with the launch, posting the current season of TV shows, which will expand to other Comcast On Demand programming. Comcast says the app is "completely free" to Xfinity TV customers. ...Read the whole story

  • NBCUniversal Expands With Social Synch

    Looking to get more scale from all its social-media integrations, NBCUniversal has started "Social Synch." The effort seems to build and expand on the Twitter Amplify effort, where traditional TV and social-media platforms are sent concurrent and/or integrated advertising messages. ...Read the whole story

  • IAB Says Q3 2014 Online Ad Revenue Reaches $12.4 Billion

    Internet advertising revenue in the U.S. rose 17% to $12.4 billion for the third quarter of 2014. The numbers also mark a 6.5% increase from the second quarter of 2014, which delivered $11.7 billion. It also beat the prior record set in the fourth quarter of 2013 of $12.1 billion, per the Interactive Advertising Bureau. ...Read the whole story

  • Krispy Kreme Offers Live Video Chat During The Holidays

    "We wanted to do our part in spreading the joy this holiday season, by helping our fans around the world send and receive good cheer and celebrate the things they have in common, no matter where they live," said Dwayne Chambers, chief marketing and information officer at Krispy Kreme. ...Read the whole story

  • Fox Sees Uptick in Online Views, But Dips In Trad TV

    Fox now says its nonlinear TV viewership -- on, and video-on-demand after four days of its live TV airing -- continues to grow when looking at an overall 30-day viewing period. With more traditional TV viewing -- live program plus seven days of time-shifting -- Fox is in fourth place among all networks for the season so far in total viewing. ...Read the whole story

  • Vungle Adds 4 Demand Partners To In-App Video Exchange

    Vungle, a mobile video ad exchange, on Wednesday announced partnerships with four new demand partners including Lyfe Mobile, Videomize, ADS' Conversant and Yahoo's BrightRoll. ...Read the whole story

  • FCC Chair Tells Congress Net Neutrality Regs 'Essential'

    New Net neutrality rules are "essential" to protect openness on the Web, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler said in a new letter to Congress. Wheeler responded last week that Net neutrality rules "can work in tandem with antitrust law" to promote open Internet principles. ...Read the whole story

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