• 'Scandal' Steals Thursday For ABC

    With CBS airing reruns for much of its programming on a mid-April Thursday, ABC had a easy path for winning the night. ABC's "Scandal" had a strong performance at 10 p.m. for its season -- a Nielsen preliminary 3.4 rating/10 share among 18-49 viewers, the highest rated 18-49 rating show of the night ...Read the whole story

  • Google Claims UK YouTube Users Watch Less TV

    Looking to shift more media executives minds to digital from TV, Google says nearly one-fifth of those watching YouTube are watching less TV. A U.K. study found 19% of YouTube viewers are paying less attention to TV and that 17% are watching less TV overall. Three percent have stopped subscribing to premium cable networks and 1% have stopped watching TV entirely. ...Read the whole story

  • Amazon Fire TV Expands Voice Search

    Amazon announced Thursday it will expand voice search functions in its Fire TV media streaming box from its own content and music videos from Vevo to support Hulu Plus, Crackle and Showtime Anywhere. Expect the feature sometime this summer. ...Read the whole story

  • Broadcasters Ask Supreme Court To Reject Aereo's Justifications

    A coalition of broadcasters is asking the Supreme Court to reject Aereo's contention that its service merely offers consumers the equivalent of an antenna-DVR combination. The broadcasters are suing the 2-year-old Aereo for allegedly infringing copyright by retransmitting programs without paying licensing fees. The Supreme Court will hear arguments on Tuesday about whether the service is legal. ...Read the whole story

  • Amazon's Fire TV Finds Some More Voice

    Amazon's Fire TV set-top invite users to name a title and actor, and, if Amazon Prime has it, it will display. But since the new set-top was unveiled a few weeks ago, users have complained, the search function didn't work for any other apps on the device except Amazon's. It's starting to fix that problem. ...Read the whole story

  • Cable Retrans Fees On Rise

    Retrans fees paid by basic cable networks are still a fractionof overall network/programming carriage fees paid by cable networks. But those retrans fees are expected to rise quickly. ...Read the whole story

  • NEW! Gatorade Fierce Drinkers Exude Colorful Liquids

    I love that the Gatorade Fierce color matches MLB's Bryce Harper's uniform. In "Face Off," the Washington Nationals player is up to bat in the bottom of the ninth, a do-or-die scenario. An aggressive pitcher for the Miami Marlins is prepared to end the inning and game with one fast pitch. Prior to the game, each player has drunk his share of Gatorade Fierce, and the pair exude liquid. Bonus: The Miami Marlins player's uniform matches his Gatorade flavor, too. The best part of the ad is Guns N Roses' "Welcome to the Jungle," playing throughout. Harper connects with the ball and ...Read the whole story

  • Aereo Creates Site To Calm Customers

    Looking to bolster support from its customer base -- and potential customers, Aereo has started up a site called ProtectMyAntenna.org. ...Read the whole story

  • Mini Spotlights Owners For Mini Hardtop

    Since its launch in the U.S. in 2002, Mini has cultivated in its marketing and CRM an almost Harley-Davidson-esque relationship with its buyers: more a national club than an owner base. When you buy a Mini, you are part of an enthusiast's society where everyone is a brand evangelist in one way or another. ...Read the whole story

Where's The Whistleblower? The Problem With Mobile Pre-Roll

The expected experience of mobile pre-roll is that a video advertisement will appear immediately before the editorial video content in the same video player. Much of what is being sold today does not meet this litmus test. There is much greater scarcity of mobile pre-roll than the industry recognizes -- and the market needs a whistleblower. ...More

  • Between A Rock And A Hard Place: Why TV Isn't Anywhere On The WWE Network

    The WWE Network is the greatest thing I've ever seen. Okay, that overstates the case a bit. So how about: Assessed in the broader context of human experience, the WWE Network ranks behind sunlight, indoor plumbing and relaxed-fit pantswear. But as a detail-attentive leveraging of an established media property's past and current content, it sets the standard for everything to follow. It feels like the future. A few years from now, we're going to look back on its debut as the first shot fired in a revolution. ...More

  • Aereo, The Revolutionary Service That Provides Stuff You Don't Want For $8 A Month

    Aereo is trying to provide its legality now, but eventually it will have to explain its purpose. In an interview with Katie Couric on Yahoo, its CEO tries to explain why broadcasters don't like him, and why consumers should embrace his antenna farm. It's a good argument he has, but really, why the bother? ...More

  • Try Old-School TV/Media Multitasking -- Just Like Harvey Weinstein

    Let's all take a hint from Harvey Weinstein when it comes to multitasking: Try to do it old-school. Weinstein, co-chairman of the film studio The Weinstein Group, says he watches all the late-night network talk shows -- "The Tonight Show," "Late Show with David Letterman" and "Jimmy Kimmel Live" -- at the same time on multiple traditional TV screens. ...More

  • What Advertisers And Content Providers Need To Understand About Human Behavior

    A survey released on Monday showed that most people are ignorant about the way the Internet works. That wasn't exactly what it said, of course. Conducted by marketing company Gfk and reported on by my MediaPost colleague Wendy Davis, what the survey actually said was that only 35% of people agree with the statement, "I use free services online and on smartphones/tablets and don't mind if my data is potentially also used for advertising purposes." Reports like these have been coming out since our Cro-Magnon ancestors sat in a cave, fired up a computer, and logged on to the first ...More

  • What Is Shocking Naked Truth Behind Streaming Media's Biggest Sites?

    Well, the answer is they lie and distort, supposing many users are so used to it they don't even care. ...More

  • Tracking Twitter On Top Of Traditional Ratings: How Does Data Add Up?

    More data of all sorts continues to pile on for TV shows. What it all means depends on: 1) The kind of network; 2) the needs of clients; 3) how quickly you can make sense of it. Take the most recent week. Start with Sunday's "MTV Movie Awards." At first blush you would think a 27% sinking of its traditional Nielsen TV numbers from the previous year -- to some 2.8 million viewers -- looks fairly bad. Yet things might not look so bad when taking in one measurement: social media activity. ...More