Friday, August 28, 2015
  • Disney, Time Warner, 21st Century Fox Media Stocks Show Strength, Diversity

    Amid recent stock volatility, diversified media stocks should continue the goals of investors going forward, according to MoffettNathanson Research -- which says stocks such as Walt Disney, 21st Century Fox, and Time Warner should be considered in the long term. ...Read the whole story

  • Few Home Entertainment Consumers Using Digital-Only

    Few consumers have shifted entirely to digital viewing methods for home entertainment. Nielsen says just 12% have moved to digital-only access for specific movie/TV content, with over half using a combination of physical and digital. ...Read the whole story

  • Gisele Boogies In Booties For First-Ever Stuart Weitzman Spot

    Brands that sell $800 boots typically stick to print and digital ads for luxury fashion outlets. But Stuart Weitzman couldn't resist the opportunity, says CMO Susan Duffy. "When we viewed the edits, we knew we had to televise it," she tells "Marketing Daily." ...Read the whole story

  • Media Stocks Continue To Make Back Gains From Earlier Week Losses

    Media stocks continued to add back the gains they had lost during a tumultuous week. Many pay TV providers witnessed gains on Thursday: Comcast grew 2.5% to $56.77; Cablevision Systems was up 3.3% to $24.06; and Charter Communications was 2.3% higher to $181.65. ...Read the whole story

  • NEW! Do A Good Deed On 9/11 Day

    The 9/11 Day organization, a nonprofit that encourages good deeds and service on 9/11, launched a TV campaign leading up to the 14th anniversary that focuses on the children born on Sept. 11, 2001. More than 13,000 babies were born that day. A 60-second spot presents one such girl, named Hillary O'Neill, whose classmates lost parents or family members on 9/11. Despite being born on such a tragic day, Hillary is brimming with positivity, describing how much the world has grown since that tragic day as viewers see the marks in a doorjamb as Hillary herself grew through the years. ... ...Read the whole story

  • Brookside Using TV To Spotlight Brand's Social Buzz

    The hashtag #talkaboutdelicious is being used in Brookside's discussion with fans on its social media channels, to drive awareness of the ads and videos. But the hashtag is conspicuously absent (to a marketer's eye) from the TV spots. Why is that? ...Read the whole story

  • ABC Scores Highest Revenues For Summer TV Programming

    The contenders for top viewing continue to score strong results in TV network ad revenue this summer -- with ABC leading the pack. From May 27 through August 27, ABC pulled in the highest revenue -- with $1.2 billion in total upfront and scatter deals as well as promotional valued time, according to ...Read the whole story

  • LG Electronics Explains The Science Behind Its Smart TVs

    LG Electronics dubbed its amusing TV spots promoting its smart TVs "The Science Behind." TVs may be smarter, but content watched on them is a bit more lowbrow. Each of the four ads begins with a serious voiceover explaining the technology inside these fancy, intelligent TVs -- as viewers watch goat videos, turn their TV into a fish tank, watch their cat follow the remote button and fall asleep during a TV show marathon. No rocket science necessary. M&C Saatchi Stockholm created the campaign. ...Read the whole story

Programmatic TV: What's Gross Got To Do With It?

On the phone the other day trying to advance a local programmatic TV negotiation, I queried the vendor on whether there was a transactional fee for its service. Some platforms, like Videa, pass the fee onto ...More