Friday, March 18, 2011
  • Amid Ad Turnaround, Print Media Continues To Lose Ground

    The good news is that U.S. ad economy expanded 6.5% in 2010. The bad news is that some major media - especially print media like newspapers and magazines - are still substantially below pre-recession ad spending levels of two years ago. That is the yin/yang perspective of one of the ad industry's leading economists - Kantar Media North American Senior Vice President-Research Jon Swallen, after analyzing the data the WPP unit compiled for the ad-supported media it measures. ...Read the whole story

  • NCAA Tourney Nets Highest Ratings In Decades

    CBS Sports and Turner Sports say their multi-network airing of Thursday's second-round coverage, which featured many big name teams, posted ratings 24% higher than a year ago -- the best numbers in two decades. ...Read the whole story

  • Cable Shuffle: Wachtel, McCumber Named USA Network Co-Presidents

    There are more executive changes at NBC Universal's big cable network: USA Network has named network veterans Chris McCumber and Jeff Wachtel as its co-presidents. ...Read the whole story

  • Tecate Expands Marketing To All Hispanic Males

    Heineken USA's Tecate beer brand, which up to now has focused its U.S. marketing on Mexican male immigrants, is expanding its target audience to all male Hispanics for its new 2011 "Celebration" campaign. ...Read the whole story

  • In Syndication, 'Men' Stands Out

    Syndication in the 2010-2011 season has seen much of the same erosion as in previous years. Many shows this season are under their levels of a year ago. But individually, one show stands out: "Two and a Half Men." One of the biggest losers: "Entertainment Tonight." ...Read the whole story

  • Total Auto Ad Spend To Grow 6.4%

    Media companies have been touting the resurgence of the auto category and a Wall Street analyst has put an estimate on it: Spending was up 20% in 2010. That accounted for 32% of overall ad growth. Total category spending was $14.8 billion. ...Read the whole story

  • Disney Kids Networks Profits By Sponsorship Model

    As a sponsorship-driven network, devoid of the usual slate of 30-second commercials, the Disney Channel continues to push a different marketing message to TV advertisers. A key sell for Disney comes from touting big co-viewing in prime time, where a parent, mostly a mother, watches with their child. ...Read the whole story

  • Taco Bell's Ad Blitz 'Defense' Strategy Working

    The tide appears to be shifting back in the fast-food chain's favor. Taco Bell's "buzz score" among adults (asking whether they've heard anything about the brand in the last two weeks, and if so, whether it was negative or positive) plummeted from 19.1 on Jan. 3 to -10.6 on Feb. 7. However, as of March 15, it's back up to 9.8. ...Read the whole story

    Comcast Could Begin To Unlock NBCU Value With Theme Parks

    Comcast's challenge to unlock the value of non-core or declining assets has been thrown into high gear by The Blackstone Group's move to sell its 50% interest in Universal Orlando or flip full ownership of the ...More