• OnStar FMV Hits Best Buy; Ad Campaign To Support

    Greg Ross, the VP of business extensions for GM, was in New York on Monday at Best Buy's flagship in Union Square. He tells Marketing Daily that the new effort "explains that all of the features, the technology, the engineering are packaged in a way that lets you easily put it in your car." He adds that Best Buy will be central to the message. ...Read the whole story

  • Fox Slows Online Viewing, Dish Subscribers See All Shows

    Fox will slow down the consumption of its TV shows online with a new plan pushed by a deal with Dish Network. It has similar arrangements coming from Fox's other cable, satellite and telco TV distributors. ...Read the whole story

  • Rumblefish Gives Advertisers Link To Music Licenses

    Rumblefish released an application programming interface Tuesday giving software developers a pipeline to integrate licensed music and soundtracks into mobile and Web applications through its FriendlyMusic portal. ...Read the whole story

  • Hulu Primarily TV Destination, Netflix Draws Movie Lovers

    As Hulu and Netflix continue to square off, it's important to note key behavioral differences between their respective audiences. Eighty-nine percent of Hulu users consume its content directly on a computer and favor TV, while 42% of Netflix users report watching TV and movies on their computers. ...Read the whole story

  • Internet-Connected TV To Grow 36% By 2016

    New bells and whistles on Internet-connected televisions aren't going to waste: Over 60% of Internet-connected TV households use TV apps at least once per week. Right now, Netflix and YouTube dominate the TV app landscape. ...Read the whole story

  • Comcast, NBC Adopt Dynamic Ads For VOD

    Moving toward a world of complete TV messaging targeting, Comcast and NBC Universal have adopted dynamic ad insertion for the company's video-on-demand programming. Spots running prior to and after a show will be subject to dynamic ad insertion. ...Read the whole story

  • 'Project Runway' Fans Vote On Twitter

    Project Runway, the hit A+E Networks Lifetime reality show and designer competition that is debuting in its ninth season Thursday, will encourage fans to use Twitter to vote on specific designers in a campaign dubbed "Fan Favorite." The 20 designers have been assigned their own hashtag consisting of #PR and their first name. ...Read the whole story

  • Nielsen, Kantar Media Strike Deal For DirecTV Set-Top-Box Data

    Looking for greater access to valuable set-top box data for its local TV research products, Nielsen has made a multi-year deal with Kantar Media for its consumer viewing data from DirecTV set-top boxes. ...Read the whole story

  • 3D Has Yet To Click For Home Viewers

    Home 3D Entertainment isn't a priority for consumers currently, but awareness and exposure outside the home -- in movie theaters, retail venues, and from portable devices -- continues to grow. ...Read the whole story

Enough With The Cloud Already - Long Live The Cloud

Allow me to demystify a monumental shift that is underway, hidden behind the buzzword of "the cloud." For those who don't care about the minor details (most people), for practical purposes the cloud is just the Internet. You use the cloud every day by accessing various websites and web-based services and don't even realize it - because the nomenclature is unimportant. The benefit is what matters, and the experience should be seamless. You don't really care about the exact broadcast technology that allows your favorite TV program to appear on your TV screen, you're just happy that it's there. ...More

  • Media Insights Q&A With Rentrak's Cathy Hetzel

    Cathy Hetzel, corporate president of Rentrak, is a pioneer in interactive television and set-top-box data. Her first role at Rentrak was to ascertain whether Rentrak's home video business could be adapted to television. After helping to launch their Video On Demand measurement service by examining log data from the servers, she saw the possibility of set-top-box data as a new way to measure television. In this interview, Cathy talks about Rentrak, set-top-box data providers and the competitive landscape. She also offers some insights into the media landscape over the next few years. ...More

  • TV Upfront Revenues: A Still-Changing Face For Marketers

    The changing face of the TV upfront market? You probably don't need anyone to drum you over the head concerning the improvement of cable networks, the up-and-down road of NBC, and the growth of Spanish-language networks. But if that isn't enough -- and you need some specifics -- just follow the money. Estimates are that Univision pulled in around $1.7 billion in the upfront. Sounds big? It happens to be around the same amount NBC pulled. ...More

  • The Web Makes You Chuckle, But TV Can Still Make You Cry

    Now here is a study in contrast between what seems to have the most impact on TV and what works online. Nielsen released its list of most-liked TV ads from the second quarter of 2011. Sentiment is the dominant theme among those spots, with the highest "likability index" scores (those ads noted by the consumer panel as being liked "a lot.") Topping the list is an Oreo spot in which a boy wakes up dad for a midnight Oreo snack in order to say "Happy Father's Day." ...More

  • We're All Entrepreneurs Now

    What a show, with dueling arguments and superstar spokesmen. But we can now announce a deal. It's done. Our long national nightmare is over. With rancorous negotiations behind us, and billions of dollars rescued, the nation is secure. I speak of course of the NFL Players Association agreement with management. Now we can get on with our lives, our liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, at least every Sunday. ...More

  • Is The NFL The Only Option For Heavily Male-Targeted Marketers?

    The NFL is coming back -- and TV marketers are breathing easier. But might they be gasping again? Back in April, NFL TV advertisers -- who target male viewers -- believed their fall marketing plans might be in big trouble, due to a possible league shutdown. The concern was big, said those executives, because there were few alternatives to run their media and make business hay. Now the league is seemingly good to go this season. But the frantic thinking that beset the business for months might reveal a seemingly underlying problem in the growing entertainment and marketing world. Is ...More