• Rovi, Nuance Team: Tell Your TV What You Want

    Electronic-guide based service Rovi is teaming up with Nuance Communications so cable TV subscribers can tell their TV sets what they want to watch. New technology will allow TV viewers to change the channel with voice commands, as well as browse, bookmark and search for content on both live and VOD TV programming by speaking. ...Read the whole story

  • TV Venues Depend On Demo

    Teenagers watch TV in less common areas of the home -- such as bedrooms and basements ---while 12-17s spend an outsized share of game console usage, surpassing their TV time. The most traditional places for TV viewership among 35 -to-64-year-old viewers continue to be the living-room areas. ...Read the whole story

The First DVR Dominant Upfront

In today's DVR dominant world, the only "appointment television" taking place during prime time is when the "season pass" is being set on the DVR. For the first time in upfront history, DVR penetration could be more than 50% among 18-49s ...More

  • NBC's Troubles With 'Harry'

    NBC kicked off the 2012-13 broadcast upfront season with a move that may have alienated millions of people: the cancellation of legal drama "Harry's Law," this despite the fact that it often was the network's most watched entertainment series during its two-year run. The trouble with "Harry," as NBC noted, was that its audience was unmanageably older-skewing, even though it was much larger than that of many other television shows. That means most of its viewers were 55-plus -- or "dead," in the eyes of advertisers who continue to lust after the 18-34, 18-49 and, less passionately, 25-54 demographic gro ...More

  • Hate Nielsen Ratings? Make Your Own -- Or Perhaps Your Own Branded TV Sets

    You need the right sales strategy. But if that doesn't work, why not change the game -- and the rules. So here's a recent headline: "Tired of Low Ratings, CW Is Developing Its Own Measurement System." Quite understandable. But every network is tired of something. We can imagine all networks are "tired of low ratings." ...More