• Under Armour Launches Spine RPM Shoes

    The message that Spine is not just for runners but also athletes who run will be carried by a TV, print, digital, social media and in-store campaign starting July 9, and featuring three athletes, Tom Brady, Lindsey Vonn and Kemba Walker. ...Read the whole story

  • New Adap.tv Tool To Aid Media Buyers' Potential Ad Results

    Adap.tv is expected to debut a new tool on Thursday designed to give buyers greater visibility into campaign results -- before running a single impression. Called the Campaign Optimizer, the predictive technology uses historical data to analyze billions of impressions. Once buyers set their desired performance goals, the system returns the real-time price and inventory availability needed to achieve them. ...Read the whole story

  • Cadillac Talks Tech With New XTS

    Jim Vurpillat tells "Marketing Daily" that deliberately targeting younger consumers doesn't work because it does nothing to change perception. "Rather than just going after younger buyers, it's really more important not to be perceived as 'old.'" ...Read the whole story

  • Broadcast Dips, Cable Holds As Season Ends

    Looking at the last third of the TV 2011-2012 season -- over a broader week-long viewing metric -- broadcast networks sank in viewership versus the year before. TV cable networks were virtually flat. ...Read the whole story

  • Twitter's Move To TV Could Face Overload Challenges

    Every image tells a story on television, but not a complete picture without real-time tweets connecting TV with online, says Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, speaking at Cannes Lions. The biggest challenge, it seems, is that broadcast TV needs a dependable partner -- but by Thursday the added tweet volume from the ad festival appears to have sent the site offline. ...Read the whole story

  • TV, Video Viewing Climbs On Digital Devices

    Watching paid video content on mobile devices is climbing --- but gaming consoles remain the overall leader when looking at all new digital devices. ...Read the whole story

  • TV One Revamps: New Logo, Tagline, Series

    TV One, which targets slightly older African-Americans than BET, is looking to refresh its brand for the first time since its 2004 debut, offering a new logo and "Where Black Life Unfolds" tagline. The on-air look is also undergoing a refresh. The shift comes as CEO Wonya Lucas oversees her first upfront. ...Read the whole story

Return-Path-Data Lexicon: EBIF

Standardization, whether of terms, definitions, edit rules, measurement protocols or watermarking remains an important consideration in RPD measurement rollout progress. To that end, CableLabs has developed EBIF, a format that standardizes content formats to facilitate not only better use of the data for measurement, but also in addressable advertising and interactivity. Here are all the terms and definitions associated with EBIF: ...More

  • IC Acquires Punch TV

    Los Angeles-based IC Places Inc. has agreed to acquire Hollywood-based Punch Television Networks, including TV stations, licenses and rights to all TV programming on its roster. The deal is expected to close the first week of July, and Punch TV Network President Joseph Collins will become CEO of IC, and will become joint chairman of its board along side current IC President-Chairman Steven Samblis. ...More

  • The Art Of The Sell (Part 2): Winding Up For The Pitch

    Hey, all you Shonda Rhimeses and Jerry Bruckheimers in the making: I can now answer the burning questions at the end of my last column on NATPE PitchCon: Did I attend PitchCon and learn the secrets of the perfect pitch? Yes! Did I score a major TV deal and forget the little people who got me there? Keep reading. ...More

  • To Bundle or Not To Bundle - That Is the Question for T/V (Television/Video)

    For those enterprises still receiving substantial cash from the traditional television business model there is no need to question the issue of bundling - the packaging of large numbers of TV networks into a cable or satellite subscription. Traditional television producers (national broadcast and cable networks, local stations/channels) and distributors (Comcast, Cablevision, Time Warner Cable, Direct TV, etc.) really have no desire to go to what they assume would be a less lucrative model -- one where consumers don't pay for content they don't watch, and advertisers don't pay for ads that aren't seen. ...More

  • Not Totally Forgettable: Those High-Rated But Canceled Network Shows

    Every year we get one of these: a high-rated new TV show that's still canceled. This year's honor goes to CBS' "Unforgettable," starring Poppy Montgomery. At a healthy 12 million overall average viewers and a very decent 2.5 rating among key 18-49 viewers, it would seem a no-brainer to stay on the air. ...More

  • Adap.tv Announces Campaign Optimizer For Video

    San Mateo-based Adap.tv Thursday announced its Campaign Optimizer for video, a "first-of-its-kind technology" that predicts the results of a campaign before running a single impression. The Campaign Optimizer will utilize historical data to analyze the impressions and predict results, which Adap.tv says will be accurate. ...More