Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Around The Net

  • Roku, Nielsen Study Shows More Togetherness Than You Might ImagineNielsen

    Roku and Nielsen data shows co-viewing among two or more viewers represents 27% of all viewing on a Roku device. This means that the ads served on the Roku platform had nearly one-third more audience impressions. ...Read the whole story

  • Apple Pencil Gets Rave ReviewsPenn Live

    “All I wanted to know was if the Apple Pencil would give me the digital handwriting experience I had wanted for so long,” Myke Hurley writes in The Pen Addict. “It does.” What’s more, “As a 1.0 product, I am astounded by just how well the Apple Pencil and iPad Pro work together,” Hurley writes. “After only having used it for a few days, I am now at the point where I wouldn't want to go back.” ...Read the whole story

  • Snapchat Is A Measurement ChallengeWarc

    Snapchat is peceived as a vital tool for engaging with youth and millennials but marketers face challenges in attempting to measure the results of their work with influencers.Unlike other social networks, Snapchat offers little in the way of performance metrics and what there is, is not publicly available. Marketers are reduced to relying on influencers taking a screenshot of their personal analytics page in order to understand how many people have seen a video. "You can have millions of dollars paid out in these campaigns, and they're basically being run on screenshots and text messages between C-level executives and teenagers," ... ...Read the whole story

Giving Thanks For The Law Of Accelerating Returns

For the past few months, I've been diving into the world of show programming again, helping MediaPost put together the upcoming Email Insider Summit up in Park City, Utah. One of the keynotes for the Summit, ...More