Friday, April 24, 2015
  • Data Optimizes Vungle Creative Labs Video Ad Placement

    Vungle has launched a London-based team of artists, filmmakers and interactive specialists to create video advertisements the company claims have some of the highest conversion and completion rates across any digital advertising channel. Data behind Vungle's video platform optimizes ad placement and identifies the type of phone and features before serving the ad, as well as likes and dislikes of those viewing the ads ...Read the whole story

  • ANA, 4A's Unveil 'Transparency' Task Force: Will Take 'Decisive Action' To Address Concerns

    The Association of National Advertisers and the 4A's Friday afternoon announced a new task force comprised of senior marketer and agency executives to take "decisive action to address concerns about media transparency." The task force will be co-chaired by the 4A's chief Nancy Hill and ANA chief Bob Liodice and will include top executives from their organizations' members. ...Read the whole story

  • Digital Engagement Index

    Google's digital engagement increased by 45% with the introduction of their new program, Project Fi. The service is currently only available for the Nexus 6. ...Read the whole story

Around The Net

  • Comcast/TWC Merger Hassle Shows Growing Importance of BroadbandAssociated Press

    One of the concerns consumer advocates and competitors had with the Comcast deal was that it could undermine the streaming video industry that is reshaping TV. Comcast could, for example, require onerous payments from new online-only video providers for connecting to its network. Dish, the satellite TV company behind the new Web video service Sling TV, and Netflix opposed the deal. ...Read the whole story

  • Cable Ad Bureau Video Tweaks Online's 'Shocking' Click BotsCableadvertising Bureau

    The Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau produced a short tabloid TV news-type expose of an online "viewer" who discovers he's really a bot, not just a curious guy who visits mommy blogs, and paleo diet and scrapbooking sites. "Why was I following a dental hygiene brand? Truthfully, what kind of a human being follows teeth whitening strips?" he asks. "No human I know" answers the interviewer. The video claims bots are creating 30 million fake impressions a day, at a cost of $6.3 billion a year. The site comes with a operable toll-free phone number; the video is on the CAB site ... ...Read the whole story

  • Looking At YouTube's Long Road To The TopArstechnica

    In honor of YouTube’s 10th birthday, ars technical takes a look back at the video hub’s beginnings, the many hurdles it has faced, and how far it has come. “It's easy to forget YouTube almost didn't make it,” it writes. “Survival for the site was a near-constant battle in the early days … The company not only fought the bandwidth monster, but it faced an army of lawyers from various media companies that all wanted to shut the video service down.”  ...Read the whole story

Everyone On Earth Launches Apple Watch Apps

Every single person on the planet launched an app for Apple Watch this week. OK, that may be a slight overstatement, but there are seriously, like, a cubic buttload of Watch apps out there. ...More

  • Digital Democracy? More Like Digital Dictatorship

    Great news! Internet ad revenues surged yet again in 2014, reaching nearly $50 billion dollars in the United States. This, according to a new report from IAB, represents a 16% increase over the previous year; compared ...More

  • Piling On The Hate: Stop Fighting Unbundling

    Perhaps the most concerning quote in all the copy devoted to cable channels dumping on Verizon for trying to do something everyone in the country wants was this one from a 65-year-old retired electronics salesman, who ...More