Friday, February 27, 2015
  • Inability To Skip Commercials Frustrates VOD Owners

    Although video on demand is a big benefit to many TV viewers, one element of VOD activity remains a frustration: Not being able to skip through commercials. When fast-forward is available -- through DVR or other time-shifting technologies -- research indicates that 49% of those VOD viewers fast-forward through every commercial. ...Read the whole story

  • Integral Receives MRC Accreditation For Video Ad Viewability

    Integral Ad Science, a digital ad measurement firm, on Thursday announced it has received accreditation from the Media Rating Council (MRC) for its video ad viewability measurement technology. Integral's display viewability tech is accredited as well. ...Read the whole story

  • Google Pays $25 Million For .App Web Domain

    Google paid $25 million for the rights to use the .app top-level Web domain name, one of many the company aspired to gain, but it was not the only bidder. Amazon also applied for the name, but settled for ".buy," paying nearly $5 million, and about $2.2 million for ".spot" last fall. Amazon and Google also are fighting over the domain name "mail." ...Read the whole story

  • Car, Retail Ads Slow Down On Broadcast TV

    A fourth-quarter 2014 slowdown in broadcast TV advertising came primarily from automotive and financial service/real estate marketers. Automotive companies -- the biggest category, with a 14% share -- slipped 5% to $1.019 billion, while financial service/real estate companies, with an 11% share, were down 4% to $774.2 million. ...Read the whole story

  • Caterpillar Lights Chinese Sky With A Single Generator

    What happens when Caterpillar trucks in a single generator to Yuhu Village, a remote town in China? It cranks out 252,000 watts and fires up 8,840 lanterns in one of the prettiest small-town festivals this side of Beijing, that's what. ...Read the whole story

  • TubeMogul Reports $36.1M Revenue In Q4, Will Focus On Programmatic TV In 2015

    Programmatic video ad platform TubeMogul on Thursday announced its fourth-quarter 2014 earnings, beating estimates by around $4 million with $36.1 million in revenue on the quarter. The company's 2014 revenue was $114.2 million, double that of 2013. ...Read the whole story

Around The Net

  • YouTubers Helbig, Hart To Remake '70 Super Heroes SeriesTubefilter

    YouTubers Grace Helbig and Hannah Hart are teaming with Legendary Digital Media and Fullscreen to bring the online video masses a reboot of the 1970’s TV show Electra Woman and Dyna Girl, which could also end up on TV, too.  ...Read the whole story

  • Google Backs Off Porn Ban On BloggerEngadget

    Google appears to be backtracking on its stated plan to block adult content on Blogger. “After coming under fire over the introduction of a retroactive change that would ban sexually explicit images and video … the search giant has told users that it will crack down harder on the publishing of commercial porn instead,” Engadget reports. “Maybe Google realised [sic] it would see a mass exodus of users jumping over to Tumblr.”  ...Read the whole story

Me TV: Narrowcasting To The Age Of Personal Video

Mobility opens up new opportunities for narrowcasting to niche video tastes. But it also requires a re-thinking of the interfaces we need to access highly personalized TV and even the ways we like to consume ...More