Friday, January 30, 2015
  • Consumers Prefer Digital Standalone TV, But Most Wouldn't Cord Cut

    Although consumers are interested in the new proposed stand-alone TV services, one report suggests it won't start a wave of mass cord-cutting -- but some channel package trimming could occur. ...Read the whole story

  • No Surprises: Super Bowl Ads Revealed On YouTube, Social Media

    Although some research suggests that TV marketers are holding back on revealing their actual Super Bowl commercials before the game, online activity around associated Super Bowl advertising content continues to grow. Through Thursday, there have been some 103 million video views of upcoming ads. ...Read the whole story

  • Reebok's Freak Show Is A Love Letter To Grit

    The sweaty young 'uns who tire-flip, mud-pit swim, rope climb and handstand-walk through the new "Be More Human" campaign may be hard-bodied. But Reebok says they're more than that. ...Read the whole story

  • Mondelez Buys First Programmatic Super Bowl Ad

    Mondelez International, the CPG giant, is helping push the programmatic TV industry forward in a big way. Mondelez brands Oreo and Ritz are set to run 15-second regional spots during the halftime of this year's Super Bowl. The twist? The ads were purchased programmatically. Mondelez was in the driver's seat for this "test" and "pilot" run, to use Henderson's words, but its agency -- MediaVest -- was involved in the process. ...Read the whole story

  • PepsiCo's Winning Retail Game Plan Allows For Few Time-Outs

    No company has more invested in the Super Bowl than PepsiCo, and that is reflected in planning that begins years in advance. This year, PepsiCo has some 62,000 multi-brand, Super Bowl-themed displays in prominent, coveted positions in key retailers across the country, says Ram Krishnan, SVP and CMO, Frito-Lay North America. ...Read the whole story

  • Nickelodeon To Offer Digital Video Service

    Another stand-alone digital video service will be launched by a traditional TV media company: Viacom will start one for Nickelodeon in February. Viacom wouldn't offer up other details only that it would be released in February -- that's around the same time Nickelodeon will have its upfront meeting with TV advertisers/ ...Read the whole story

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