Tuesday, June 29, 2010
  • Pay To Play: Is Hulu Plus A Step Away From An Ad-Supported Model Or The New Freemium Norm?

    Beginning what some analysts see as the beginning of a slippery slide away from wholly ad-supported models, Hulu on Tuesday debuted Hulu Plus -- its premium service that will charge consumers $9.99 a month for carte blanche content access over multiple platforms. Hulu Plus, which will include some advertising, could be seen as an admission that advertising alone is not enough to support premium content online. ...Read the whole story

  • Report: Short-Form Video Still King

    Citing the success of Hulu and various efforts by YouTube, recent reports have heralded the dramatic rise of long-form video content. That said, consumers still far prefer watching short -- if not quite consumer-generated -- media, according to new research conducted by research/consulting firm Frank N. Magid Associates on behalf of video site Metacafe. ...Read the whole story

    Best If Viewed By December 2013

    With the avalanche of video and technology that's plowing through the consumer marketplace, is there a chance that the broadcast market will survive? As the upfront market wraps up, advertisers will spend billions on broadcast, cable ...More