• YouTube Releases Ridley Scott's 'Life In A Day' Project Raw Footage

    Google's YouTube/Ridley Scott project, Life in a Day, has launched a video gallery making available to view raw footage from some of the 80,000 video submissions across 197 countries and 45 languages. The project, which YouTube calls a "historic global film experiment," becomes searchable by geography, time of day, mood and more. ...Read the whole story

  • Lindt Ads Serve Up Tennis Star Federer

    The 30-second spot, initially airing in a two-week national flight corresponding with the U.S. Open (Aug. 29 - Sept. 12) -- which Federer has won five times in the past six years -- shows two female airport security agents taste-testing the athlete's stash of Lindor Truffles and confiscating them for further "investigation" (as well as checking out Federer's well-toned posterior and considering a strip search). ...Read the whole story

  • YouTube, MLB Deal Streams Video On Demand To Japanese Fans

    YouTube and MLB Advanced Media (MLBAM), the interactive media and Internet arm of Major League Baseball, announced a partnership Monday to offer baseball fans in Japan a way to follow the game. ...Read the whole story

The Evolution of Video Chat

When people think of online video, many think YouTube. But before YouTube was even a twinkle in the eyes of its developers, online video was already in full force, just in the form of video chat. Ever since the early days of video chat, there were ideas in place to enhance the technology, taking text + image to text + image + voice, and so on and so forth. So, why might you ask, isn't video chat a bigger phenomenon than it currently is? ...More

  • What's Your Video App Strategy?

    I recently moderated a panel focused on the intersection of apps and video (it was the video part of an app conference). It gave me the chance to meet some new people and more deeply consider what's unique about building an app to support content distribution and monetization when the content in question is video. For the panel, we focused primarily on the value of an app strategy to publishers in terms of how they produce, promote, distribute and monetize video content. Here are the key takeaways: ...More