• Got Game: Angry Birds Gets Serious About Ads

    Rovio plans to add advertisements in games running on Google's Android and Apple's iPhone operating systems, namely Angry Birds, which now counts more than 280 million global downloads. Nexage will support the strategy through the RTB Exchange, making it possible for the game maker to integrate ads. ...Read the whole story

  • Famed Chef Helps Safest Choice Eggs-plain Benefits

    The first two videos feature Giuliano Hazan using Safest Choice in preparing two recipes calling for raw or lightly cooked eggs -- tiramisù and spaghetti alla carbonara. The chef is also making live appearances on behalf of the brand, including some in-store cooking demonstrations, and more videos are likely to be developed. ...Read the whole story

  • Bank Of The West Breaks Brand Ad

    The concept is embodied in the commercial's catchphrase: "There's a spirit in the West that drives people to do more," which is spoken by Daniel Stern of "The Wonder Years." The target is both general consumer and business customers, says Heat president John Elder. ...Read the whole story

Under-The-Hood Of Over-The-Top

Earlier this year, I went over-the-top. No, not in the way I write fill-in columns and blog posts (I topped out in that process long ago). I went over-the-top as a TV viewing household, meaning, I began streaming conventional TV programming via an intermediary device. Okay, so that's not so surprising, right? I mean, millions of Americans are doing that (more on that in a moment)? The reason I'm telling you about my transition is that it was purely unintentional. You see, despite covering the front lines of media innovation, I don't consider myself an early adopter of media technology, ...More

  • Video Ad Exchanges And Unicorns: Separating Fact From Fiction

    I read with bemused interest Jason Burke's July 6 article, "Video Ad Exchanges Aren't A Silver Bullet." Burke attempted to make the case that buyers on exchanges are chasing "unicorns" -- bargains that don't exist. Exchanges may indeed have limitations, but let's keep it real. None of the points in his article are new or unique to exchanges. In fact, exchanges are eliminating "unicorns" by actually improving brand protection, transparency, ad units and standards for online video advertising. ...More

  • Hold On There: Time To Recall Essential Truths Of Online Video

    These are indeed amazing and volatile times for online video. Every day there's a new study showcasing the accelerating growth of online video; the never-ending demand for video content by brands; and a prevailing gold-rush mentality by media companies (both new and old) to get their piece of the pie. While the old saying that a rising tide lifts all boats might be true, all of us in the online video sector should periodically take a deep breath to ensure that we're not losing track of some important fundamental truths about online video in the midst of all this excitement ...More