Thursday, March 15, 2012

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      • In Q&A, Sprite's Oliver Talks Hoops Promo Magazine

        The four-year-old "Sprite Showdown Amateur Dunk" program will now be called the "Sprite Uncontainable Game." The program will expand its search for talented amateur players. It also expands the search from recruiting neighborhood players at local tournaments and events to allowing players to enter and upload videos online. ...Read the whole story

      • Ugandans See Video, Ask Why Make Kony Famous? Reuters

        Thousands gathered in a dusty park in Lira, Uganda, to screen the 30-minute video about the feared and hated Joseph Kony, many coming away wondering why they had to be reminded of such brutality. Some jeered as the projection neared its end and scuffles broke out as simmering frustrations boiled over. The campaign behind the online video was met with skepticism from some. "Why make Kony famous? It baffles them," said Victor Ochen, director for African Youth Initiative Network, the charity behind the showing. ...Read the whole story

      The Year Of Episodic Web Content?

      "2012 is the year of Web-based, episodic video content." That's been the buzz for who knows how long now. We've all heard it, and for the most part, we've all pretty much accepted it as true. ...More

      • Viral Video and Elections: Blessing or Curse?

        Every week the news blog The Daily Beast pulls together the top ten "buzziest" videos, representing a cross-section of the most viral and most viewed clips and commercials on the Internet. You might think that the ...More