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Ad Preferences Of Social And Mobile Users

Following on yesterday's Research Brief on connected TV ad preferences, a new study from Harris Interactive on behalf of MediaBrix shows that only 28% of Facebook users prefer to see standard banner ads in Facebook apps and 72% prefer to see immersive and interactive ad units. ...More

  • Mobile In, Mobile Out: 'WSJ' Reporters Vlog From The Field

    "WSJ" and Tout are giving over 2000 reporters the ability to capture and post video clips from the field. WorldStream is offering a video feed of edited but relatively raw video from the field sometimes minutes after it occurs. ...More

  • Multi-Tasking James Franco Gets Even Busier In New Video For Samsung Tablet

    There is nobody in the entertainment business quite like James Franco, the over-achieving actor-writer-producer-director-student-etc. who often appears to be simultaneously juggling more creative projects than any ten celebrities combined. That would seem to make him the perfect choice to star in a commercial showcasing a device that enables its user to do several things at once - in this case the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. ...More

  • Save Me From The Intrusion Of LCD Backlit Screens

    Digital screens are taking over the world. Specifically, LCD backlit screens are taking over the world. You may say "no big deal," but I have a problem with them. ...More