Red States? Blue States? They Should All Be Video States

Regardless of your political position, the race for the White House is really just starting to heat up. Both candidates and their parties have war chests of campaign funds already raised and are looking to spend in the most effective way possible. This influx of advertising should be a boon for the digital video space, namely Web publishers. But there's a big problem: inventory. ...More

  • Video Integration: What TV Networks Don't Realize They're Teaching Us

    This summer, eMarketer published an interesting report on the integration of brand advertising across online video and television. They highlighted five factors that are impeding progress toward integration, which unsurprisingly, have come from TV's biggest players: cable companies, and broadcast and cable networks. Many of these companies have been using tactics such as data caps (to slow the growth of online video consumption) and authentication protocols (to stop cord-cutters from getting TV content online). Many do not sell TV and digital advertising as an integrated package. Because cable companies and TV networks believe that it's more profitable to maintain the ...More

  • Fashion Designer's Baffling, Wackadoodle Vision

    There are several valid reasons not to do drugs, among them their illegality as per the laws of this great nation, the exhilaration that comes with conforming to non-self-imposed notions of morality, the possibility that they will fry your neural wiring, and the deleterious effect they might have on your driving or taste in music. To that list I'd like to add Anna Dello Russo's "Fashion Shower" series of clips -- because after watching the most recent installment, it's like: Stoned, not stoned -- who can tell the difference anymore? ...More