• Multiscreen TV-Tablet Viewing Soars

    More evidence grows over multitasking multiscreen viewing. Almost two-thirds of tablet owners -- 63% -- watch TV while using their tablets, per a study from GfK MRI. The research says this is significantly more than any other activity done concurrently with tablet usage. ...Read the whole story

  • Dell Sees Lift From Multiplatform Campaign

    To promote its educational technology products, computer giant Dell this summer ran a first-of-its kind campaign for the company that ran across Web-connected TVs, the desktop Web and mobile devices. The aim was to track individual consumers across the three platforms to correlate the impact of one channel with the other two. ...Read the whole story

  • ESPN Drives Nascar Ads

    ESPN will again offer ads this fall on one side of the screen while the action continues on the other in 10 NASCAR races. Also, as ads roll in NASCAR NonStop, the ticker will continue on the top of the screen so viewers can follow the order of the drivers. ...Read the whole story

  • Witches Brew Social Game For T-Mobile

    T-Mobile is moving into the social gaming world by sponsoring a social networking version of King.com's "Bubble Witch Saga" on Facebook. The primary focus of the campaign is to build awareness around the launch of T-Mobile's new myTouch devices by advertising on Bubble Witch Saga, which has more than 17 million monthly players, most of whom are women ages 25-54. ...Read the whole story

  • Apple's iPhone 5 Has A Mountain To Climb To Surpass Samsung's Online Video Buzz

    It may still be early days, but Apple has a long way to go if buzz for the iPhone 5 is to surpass the video marketing efforts of competitor Samsung for its new line of Galaxy smartphones. ...Read the whole story

The One Advantage Of Online Video Is Also Its Biggest Disadvantage

Quality. Scale. Pick one. Bet you can't pick both. Can you? If you can find a way to deliver those two things to advertisers, investors will reward you amply. As a producer of content, I know the quality vs. scale conundrum all too well. ...More