Media Stocks Strong Since Election, Some Pullback

U.S. media stocks have pulled back somewhat from their recent run-up, yet they still score big results since the election. Dow Jones U.S. Broadcasting & Entertainment Index is up 4.5% from the election on November 8 through December 2. It had been as high as 7%. On December 2, the index closed down 1.4% to 1,149.69. ...


Barbara Lippert: Madblog
Marketing By Fiat: Cialis Santa And The Real Fizzle

Is there anything cheesier than a "naughty" Santa? Well, yes. The Fiat "Black Friday Event" commercial manages to pack in so many sexist, culturally tone-deaf, throwback, and cringe-making elements in 30 seconds that it's hard to ...

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AT&T's 'Data-Free' TV Violates Net Neutrality, FCC Says

AT&T appears to be violating the net neutrality rules by exempting DirecTV video from customers' data caps, the FCC told the company this week. ...

Fake News: Shut Up And Listen

You probably looked at the headline on this column and said to yourself, "Oh Christ, not another story on fake news?!?!" ...

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