Clients, Agencies Split On Impact Of Trump Presidency: Guess Who's More Upbeat?

On the eve of Donald J. Trump's inauguration as President of the United States of America, we surveyed industry executives -- both advertisers and agencies -- to find out how they felt the Trump Administration would impact their lives, both personally and professionally. Overall, Madison Avenue pros are more upbeat on how Trump's presidency will impact them professionally than personally. Asked to rate their ...


Trump's Inauguration Is Like The Finale Of A Very Long, Real-Life Reality Show

Donald Trump is a familiar figure for journalists on the TV beat. Sorry, political journos -- Trump isn't one of yours. He's one of ours. We get him. ...

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The Magic Of Donald Trump

On the morning of his inauguration, I can't help but reflect on how magical Donald J. Trump truly is. And by that I don't mean how he has cast a spell over many Americans, but how ...

The Social Graf
Fake News Didn't Sway Election (Probably)

A new study from researchers at Stanford and New York University suggests that made-up stories on social media most likely did not influence the outcome of the presidential election. ...

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