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Congratulations Appy Winners!! 

The winners of the 2014 Appy Awards were named last night at the Crowne Plaza Times Square.

The APPY Awards, part of Internet Week New York, honor applications on all platforms and is dedicated to acknowledging creativity and excellence in app design.

The app earned Best In Show by using the very latest in technology and optimum engagement value to virtualize the most basic shopper behavior – the try-on.  The 3Dfit technology renders the user’s own face into a 3D model that can try on a myriad of eyeglass styles. Better still, the app allows for side-by-side comparisons of try-ons, even soliciting opinions from friends via social channels. 

The technology is dazzling in its accuracy and its engagement value. But the real magic of the app is how well it wraps the technology in a richer set of tools and services that virtualizes and even enhances the shopping for glasses ritual itself.

Ken Fadner, Chairman, MediaPost Publications, founded the Appy Awards to inspire and reward app developers: 
"Now in our fourth year, we continue to be amazed by the growth of the app development industry and the creativity and innovation that raises the bar each year. We are excited about this year’s winners and hope that the list will surface many new apps for people to enjoy."

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Meet our Jury! 

We are thrilled to have such a great group of industry experts judging the Appy's! Read more each juror here.

Your LAST CHANCE for Fame & Glory 

Don't miss your chance to win an Appy Award. Today, Friday April 25, is your LAST day to enter!
Good luck and we'll see you at the party at Internet Week!

This App Will Make You a Better Person 

Spread some luv!
Pump up the volume of 
good in the world.

Nowadays, with our hectic lives and demanding schedules, it’s so easy to get swamped with the trivial and overlook the important. We rush to places without noticing anything or anyone around, or how beautiful the world is.

Wish there was someone to remind us once in a while that, or motivate when we’re feeling down? 

Hooray technology - there is an app for that! Karmic is an application that inspires. It reminds users to be kind to themselves and to others around them.

Once you shake your phone, you’ll receive an inspirational quote or a deed for the day. And by completing the deed you can earn points, plus your home screen will brighten with light and beautiful colors. Ta-daaaa! As you progress in your good deed practice, you’ll accumulate the points and grow your Karmic Aura.

Karmic offers relaxing meditation that allows you to release stress and, guess what, your more points toward your Karmic Aura. Download Karmic to your mobile phone and you will become more centered and focused regardless of your surroundings. It will remind you to be a better person every day.

And here’s another reminder… Smile  :)


Thank You for the Music, Internet 

My obsession with music started early. It all began with a Fischer Price record player and Michael Jackson, progressed to a boombox where I wore out Greetings from Asbury Park (you could actually hear one side of the tape through the other!), evolved into the 10,000 Maniacs on my new cd player and then…the Internet happened! 

Can we please pause for a moment to remember the Napster that once was? Thank you, now on to iPods, which were essentially left in the dust by our smart phones, which have brought about many apps that help you discover and listen to music.


Lately, I’ve been a huge fan of Spotify – ahh the freedom to choose the music you want to listen to and, if you want, you can listen to the same song over and over again ala my Bruce Springsteen obsession, all for a low monthly fee. No need to hang on to those CDs (or even audio files) anymore it’s all in the cloud kids!

My only issue with Spotify, is there is almost too much music (did I just say that?) and when I don’t know what to choose I often revert to old standbys. The music rut.

Enter Songza – the FREE app that offers curated music on your desktop or phone based on day, setting and mood. I cracked up when I chose “Working in an Office (SFW)" -- > "Indie Music That’s Not to Weird", which then presented me a few playlist options including "Songs from Apple Commercials". How did I not think of creating this playlist myself? Well never mind because they did it for me and it is good!

Songza even has playlists to solve my entertaining needs: cooking breakfast, eating dinner and throwing an awesome cocktail party, in addition to many other fun categories. You can also sort by decades, genres and activities. 

I'm relieved I found this app just in time for my four hour drive to Boston where I'll be listening to "Sunny & Feel-good" on the open road and I definitely will not be at a loss for music.


Your Bird Watching Problems, Solved 

Hey bird fan! You know who you are. Gazing at those mesmerizing feathery creatures in Central Park, wondering what they're called, aren't cha?

Let “Merlin” unveil the mystery! Served by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, bird ID is a sheer breeze now. And here is how it works. Tell Merlin when and where you saw the bird, what it looked like, and what it was doing. And, bam! Merlin will show you the most likely species by tapping into… yes you got it… eBird, a database with millions of sightings from birders around the world.

Now, go get yourself a bird to identify and this fabulous app in App Store absolutely free, you lucky bird-enthusiast.

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Final Deadline Extension -- April 25 

Procrastinators, you can now breathe a sigh of relief! The entry deadline has been extended to Friday, April 25. This is the final extension, so make sure to get your entries in.

Good Luck!
Your Friends at the Appy Awards

The Travel App Locals Don't Want You To See 

Tasty Travel Tips from TRUFFLE

I love traveling and the planning process leading up to a big trip. Visiting a bookstore (the few that still exist) to purchase travel books for my destination and hunkering down with a cup of coffee to bookmark all of the must-sees is a great weekend activity for me. Unfortunately I’ve been let down by more than a few travel books, not realizing until I'm at my destination that the author and their advice is not to my liking. I had a rather unfortunate Rick Steves' experience in Prague, so much so that whenever my husband and I have a bad travel encounter we jokingly label it as a Rick Steves recommendation.

But I think I've found the solution! Enter TRUFFLE Travel, a FREE digital travel app with a sexy design and amazing recommendations. It includes curated city guides, travel tips, a journal, a currency converter, local weather, and more.

Current guides include: London, Paris, New York and Los Angeles. Since I’ve been living in NYC for quite a while, I thought I would put this app to the test and see what they recommended for shopping, dining and cocktails. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised. Places that took me years to discover were all listed, along with some other very interesting looking spots that I will be checking out ASAP.

TRUFFLE Travel gives tourists insights into the hippest restaurants, the chicest shops and hard-to-find hotspots much to the dismay of many locals I’m sure. The next time I have an out of town visitor looking for recommendations I will urge them to download this app.

The app will be adding the following city guides soon: Rome, Barcelona, Berlin, Tokyo, Sydney, Rio

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Thinking of giving up on #selfies?  

CamMe - Revolutionizing the Selfie

Thinking of giving up on #selfies? This app may change your mind! I just discovered CamMe - an amazing and FREE photography app that perfects the art of the selfie. The app is easy to use and really demonstrates how far technology has come!
CamMe recognizes hand gestures as cues to snapping the picture (arm length is no longer an issue!). To activate the camera, all you need to do is raise and close your hand. Simple. Your phone can be positioned from 12 inches to 12 feet away, perfect for the singleton selfie or a family photo. The app also includes fun features such as a photo booth film strip and a heart background. Paid features include a Mondrian style photo collage, as well as various photo frames to choose from.

Clearly I’m not the only one obsessed, to-date CamMe has over 2M downloads and nearly 400 pics are snapped every minute with the app. Before you hit the town this weekend, download this app and say cheese.

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