MediaPost New York Office
March 22 - 24, 2016


Day One

Intro to Mastering Media Sales

The most powerful persuader will not be successful without getting engaged with the right prospect, and the most organized and time-disiplined sales executive will not be successful if she can’t persuade prospects to change their mind from at best neutral – at worst negative – to positive and buying.  Mastering Media will give your sales people and sales managers the tools to see what they are good at, and where they can improve in the three areas of sales skills:  Planning and Prospecting,  Presentation-Persuasion, and Inter-personal Interactions:  opening, probing, handling objections, negotiating and closing.  This session will set the stage for how these skills work together to make Media Sales Masters.

Master Results by Mastering your Day

Sales starts with achieving meaningful contact with a decision maker; getting to the right place at the right time with the right information is a pre-requisite to making a sale.  Whether your “right place” is in person or on the phone,  whether it’s with a store owner over their counter, or in a conference room with a group, Mastering your Day will give you the tools and the technics to put you in the game.  This session will focus on time & territory management, as well as appointment getting skills

Master the Jargon

If you can’t talk the talk, you can’t walk the walk.  Here we get everyone on the page with media sale concepts to be prepared to go nose to nose with a media director.  Today’s Media Sales Masters can do more than sell their own property against its own direct competitor; they sell multimedia packages.  We prepare Media Masters to discuss the relative values and effective uses of television and video, digital, and print media, even outdoor.  If you don’t know what a rating point represents how can you argue that your print property is a better choice than a TV or cable buy?  In this session we strip away the mysteries that separate media forms so that every sales person can master the jargon.

Master the Conversation

Sales people all know that they should ask more questions, get the client to talk more, and be better listeners to win more business.  Here we train Media Masters to steer the conversation naturally.  We address the skills to open the meeting, ask questions to help find the opportunity and to uncover the crucial objections, how to handle objections, to negotiate and to close.

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Day Two

Mastermind your Persuasion:

The essence of sales is to catalyze customers to change their behavior.  If they are already buying from us, we seek to sell them more; if they aren’t buying we wish them to move money to our property.  Change is hard, but Sales Masters make it happen every day.  This session will give you a clear formula that works for every media form and every selling situation.  Whether your persuasion takes place in a booth at a tradeshow, in a web-meeting, office or conference room, in a single meeting or over the course of several meetings, the Media Masters presentation structure will put you on the path to winning more and more business.

Master the Meeting (or Conversation) Agenda

Who is in charge of your sales conversations?  Do buyers dictate what they want to hear, making it hard to sell your media’s uniqueness?  Media Masters control the conversation in a simple way with an outline you’ll learn here.  Media Masters’ sales conversations always have roughly the same outline; adapted to fit your personality and your client and their situation.  We’ll show you how to master the meeting controlling the conversation while giving your prospective customer a voice to tell you what you need to know to make the sale.

Master the Presentation Delivery

You know that simply displaying and regurgitating a presentation doesn’t persuade many prospects.  Good presentations do help, but delivery matters.  Here we give you the key ways to use your natural personality to deliver powerful presentations, and to use the presentation as a tool to manage the meeting;  inviting your customer’s participation to help them sell themselves.

Master your Presentation Structure to Master the Close

When you lead the prospect from easy agreement to important agreement to sales agreement, from easy yes to the money yes, you are a Media Sales Master.  It is easier than you think if you know where to start.  We’ll show you how to start your presentation structured to get the easy yes, before leading to the important yesses, to make you the Master of your Sales Universe.

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