Michael Foschetti

Havas Discovery Managing Director

A recognized leader in digital and emerging media, Michael has nearly 20 years of experience leading teams in global marketing agencies, consulting companies, and brand marketing organizations. He has spearheaded direct and digital marketing strategies for top brands including Sirius XM, Verizon, Time Warner Cable, Coca-Cola, UnitedHealth Group, TIAA-CREF, Wachovia, T-Mobile, American Express, Hyatt, BJ's Wholesale Club and Disney. After a series of smaller rapid growth agencies and helping to launch XM Radio, Michael's held senior roles at top digital shops including Omnicom's RAPP and Moxie, a part of Publicis Groupe. He is currently steering a consortium of digital experts in developing new revenue models within the rapidly changing landscape of consumer experiences and agency service models.

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Panel: Proxies, Probabilities and Best Guesses?: Is “Cross-Screen” Tracking Fact or Fiction?
Date/Time: August 19, 10:15 AM
Unless you are Twitter, Facebook or another publisher with a unified login, good luck knowing with any accuracy whether you are seeing the same user across Desktop, tablet and phone, let alone do it at scale. How real and scalable are the many models that purport to track consumers cross-screen? We ask buyers and planners to share how they are knitting together data, and the high-flown promises, around cross-screen use tracking and targeting. How do the various models differ? Who is just making best guesses, inferring identify by behavior, by faux-cookies and IDs, by extrapolating third party data? What are the real differences here, and are the different models better and worse for different goals, audiences, product categories? What appears to be working, and what just needs a lot more work.

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