October 13, 2014London: 8 Northumberland Center


Buying People: What Does the Big Shift from Media to Audience Mean?

At OMMA Audience Targeting we drill into the many ways that the great shift from media to audience buying changes almost everything. For publishers, the challenge to their core business model is clear, but how are they now engaging in the data game to assert the superior value of their audiences in a controlled context? But what is an “audience,” anyway? With so many potential signals from countless data points, behavioral, demographic, transactional and location-based, which ones really maps against your goals? Is location and proximity to the point of sale really the best signal? And once you know who to target, how do you manage to reach them across all of the screens they consult each day? 

Moving from media to audience buying is far from a simple flip of old practices, learn how the new approach rattles the entire media supply chain.