September 17, 2012London: 8 Northumberland Center


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Rumors of the “death of display” have been greatly exaggerated. Left dormant or dwindling as the worldwide recession drove marketers to the tried and true ROI of search, display advertising has roared back against predictions of decline. In the UK alone, spending was up 13% in 2011 and finally broke the billion pound mark. Mediapost ventures from its U.S. home base across the pond for the first OMMA Display Europe.

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It's a tale of two online display markets. On the one hand premium, high impact units and video on major media destinations are luring brand dollars. Meanwhile, a very different ad economy has emerged in the past few years that leverages massive quantities of user data, ad exchanges, real-time bidding and programmatic buying, claiming to target people rather than media site pages. How do these two worlds of online display mesh, if at all, to proide a clear path forward for digital advertising and marketing?

MediaPost will bring to OMMA Display Europe its customary laser focus on the perspective of the media buying and planning community. Is the new programmatic, demand side model for buying display really living up to its own high hopes? Do these emerging techniques and technologies threaten the value and even the meaning of “premium?” As up to a third of display budgets now move into programmatic buying, how is the rest of the marketing mix affected? How about the major media brands? Is the torrent of low-priced social media devaluing the market for everyone? And with a range of channels now open to marketers, the key to future success and repeatable results appears to be smarter attribution that can think beyond the click. The online display economy has become as complex as the algorithms running all the platforms. At OMMA Display Europe we pop the hood on the new ad machine to see how it can be made to work for you.

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MediaPost is putting up two back-to-back shows in London this September, OMMA Display and OMMA Mobile (September 18). If you are a MediaPost member AND an exec at a major brand advertiser or a major advertising agency, you can attend either show of your choice FREE, and save 50% on the second show. Send your name, title and company affiliation to and we'll let you know if you qualify.

What The Industry is Saying:

"As a brand marketer, the conference provided key insights into the realities and opportunities of the business that I may not have been exposed to otherwise. Great conference."
Katie Foret, Global Advertising Specialist, Cisco

“I rarely attend conferences, but this day was worth its weight in monthly user visits.  The keynotes, multiple panels and round table lunch all had me getting more and more engaged.  The event was perfectly timed and right in my wheelhouse.  Thanks MediaPost for a great conference.”
Jeff Taylor, Founder, &

"This is one of the most significant shows on the circuit today. I have been to many events in my career and I can honestly say it had the deepest impact."
Alex Montanez, Business Development Manager, TechMediaNetwork

"OMMA is an incredible opportunity to connect with savvy people you want to know more and do business with."
Tosh Bulger, Head of UK Network Ops, AudienceScience

"I look to OMMA to provide an uncanny perspective on the future of our industry. In all areas of the online advertising world, from publishers to advertisers and all the innovative technology players in between, this is a forum for the most forward-thinking leaders and perspectives. 5 stars!"
Amiad Solomon, President, Peer39