Barbara Lippert

MediaPost Columnist

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OMMA Global Keynote Presentation - Re-Thinking The Consumer's World
Date/Time: September 23, 9:00 AM
Part of AT&T's evolving brand mission is to help customers understand the benefits of personal technology and its ability to improve their daily lives in a fast-pace, cluttered, real-time world. Through simplified marketing efforts like "Rethink Possible," humanization of the brand identity and tone of voice across the company and across all consumer interactions, and the spearheading of "It Can Wait" (a major national movement to pledge against texting while driving), AT&T is endeavoring to position itself as a trusted companion to managing the chaos. Esther Lee, SVP Brand Marketing, explains how the company is capitalizing on everything from content marketing to March Madness on Twitter to brand itself not just as the fastest network but also as the one that wants to mobilize a world that works for people.

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