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Wednesday, May 21

7:30 AM
8:45 AM
Steve Smith , Editorial Director, Events , MediaPost
9:00 AM
9:45 AM
They are here, there, everywhere. As mobility untethers customers from the big screens, and gives marketers access to them at every stage of the purchasing journey, how are brands rethinking the relationship? How are different business segments now charting out the important touch points, rethinking how and where they can best serve the customer? Mobility has blown up old media conceptions of when, where and how to connect with customers. How are marketers putting the pieces back together? We ask the brands to share how they are rethinking the consumer journey in the age of mobility and what brands can and should represent to customers now that marketers can occupy a person’s pocket.
Ed Kaczmarek , Director of Innovation and Emerging Technology , Mondelēz International
Jonathan Anastas , VP, Global Brand Marketing, Head of Digital and Social Media , Activision
Sahar Khan , Brand Manager, BENGAY & BENADRYL , Johnson & Johnson
Tricia Nichols , Global Lead of Consumer Engagement, Media Innovation & Partnerships for Gap Brand , Gap Inc.
Amit Shah , VP, Online Marketing, Mobile and Social , 1-800Flowers
10:30 AM
Ryan Bonifacino , VP, Digital Strategy , Alex and Ani
11:00 AM
11:30 AM
Almost a decade into mobile marketing and it is still unclear what ad formats really are appropriate to the small screen. Search, RTB and responsive technologies all promise to make cross-platform media buying seamless and easy, but is this really the best use of limited real estate where users brook no distraction? Aside from video, which seems to port well to handheld and tablet screens, and in-stream native posts in social media, which favor a few big players, is it time to admit Web ad conventions just don’t work here? If mobility untethers media from predictable circumstances and settings, does it (should it?) mean the end of the interruptive, impression-based ad legacy of radio, print, TV and even Web?
Jennifer Wise , Mobile Marketing and Gamification Analyst , Forrester
JiYoung Kim , SVP Strategy & New Solutions , Ansible Mobile
Webster Lewin , Former SVP, Director of Mobility, Starcom MediaVest Group , Former Starcom MediaVest Group
Barry Lowenthal , President , The Media Kitchen
Ian Schaefer , CEO , Deep Focus
12:15 PM
Five years into the app revolution and most branded apps still feel like portable Web sites. Fine, but mobility demands more. The next generation of app leverages device intimacy, requires real time responsiveness to location, need, user history, preference. It uses the inherent capabilities of the device to push experiences that map to the moment. What are those technologies and techniques? Who is using them? How can we build apps that serve, not just inform and that help build brands, not just extend them onto another platform?
Ian Beacraft , Manager: New and Emerging Technologies , Leo Burnett
Michael Bordash , Chief Mobile Marketing Technology & Development Leader , IBM
Jordan Greene , Principal/Mobile Media , MellaMedia
Annie Trombatore , Director of Product Development , Thrillist Media Group
1:00 PM
2:00 PM
Melissa Stevens , Managing Director, Internet & Mobile , Citi
2:30 PM
Millions of young adults globally are reminding us that phones, at their core, are about individuals contacting one to another. The one-to-one verses one-to-some has become popular again through the rise of messaging apps. WhatsApp, Kik, Tango, SnapChat, WeChat and Line are sopping up mobile time spent, eclipsing other social channels and producing sharable content. Is this a conversation that will welcome marketers? How do these platforms differ in audience, functionality and opportunity, and how do they, in turn customize user experiences as a result? How can marketers be authentic in the midst of personal conversations and really add value by understanding this new messaging context? We bring together apps, agencies and a brand to explore the terrain, report on early findings and elevate the overall messaging app conversation.
3:15 PM
3:30 PM
Why read when you can glance? The signature mobile media are visual: Instagram, Vine, Pinterest, shared photos across Twitter and Facebook, Tumblr. Whether it moves or remains static, the mobile “spot” is a few seconds within which a marketer has to impart an idea, motivate an action, provide a service, lift a brand metric, activate a sale. Is a mobile marketing language evolving yet to best leverage this unique, scrolling, fleeting, multi-modal media consumption experience? Are the old print, pre-roll, display disciplines relevant here? Or is mobile/social/visual a new lingo altogether? We ask the creatives who are mastering at-a-glance marketing.
Adam Edelman , CEO and Founder , IMM
Apu Gupta , Founder/CEO , Curalate
Eleni Tavantzis , Senior Manager of Digital + Social Communications , Lilly Pulitzer
4:15 PM
Wearable media, insanely intimate devices, connectivity further fragmented across countless sensors, mountains of disparate data. This is what an Internet of Things looks like. But what will brands and agencies look like as they try to serve this new universe? You aren’t targeting media or even people here. You are targeting everyday life, from workouts (activity trackers) to countless trips to the connected refrigerator to walking (Google Glass). Is this about advertising? Really? Or product design, data stewardship, service relationships? Marketers and their agencies may need to rethink their relationship to customers, their skill sets, themselves.
Justin Smith , EVP, ECD and Chief Innovation Officer , Doner
Lauren Nutt Bello , Partner, Account Director , Ready Set Rocket
Tina Unterlaender , Director, Mobile , AKQA
Ohad Ziera , Director Global Product Management , Belkin International