May 19, 2014The Altman Building, IW Headquarters


Native 2.0

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This is no longer a test, or a fad, or even a momentary lapse in editorial judgment. Deeply integrated and “native” advertising is here for the long haul. It is being integrated with media plans, connected to larger social programs, driving new publishing businesses, and even finding scale in data and tech driven platforms. At the second OMMA Native we shift focus to the practical side of native as it moves towards maturity. How is the work actually getting done, packaged, measured, optimized and moved across screens?

The genuine pioneers of these formats, From GE, SAP and IBM to Forbes, Huffington Post, Atlantic and New York Times will show us how they are building Native 2.0. The new formats are not enough. Now they need to be merged with a full media plan and packaged within a publisher’s portfolio of opportunities and service. After the cool integrations, native still needs to be accountable, and so data is now driving better targeting and transparency. In-feed native seems perfect for mobile screens, but these devices have their own “native” qualities that push integrations even further. What have we learned about the types of content and creative that actually move the needle towards specific marketing goals? And can these formats really be automated and networked without diluting their impact and just cluttering Web pages with non-sequitor links?

Native advertising is ready for its next version. OMMA Native installs the upgrade.

Featured Speakers

At OMMA Native we will put this advertising craze into larger contexts. How does it fit within the media buyer and planner’s larger mix? How does content marketing play a new role in brand strategy? And how are all of these forces perhaps changing the role of media as we know it and changing, for good or ill, brand, agency and publisher relationships with one another and the consumer?

It is time to interrogate the “natives.”

OMMA Native Will Answer the Following Questions:

  • What is native advertising anyway? Is it scalable, measurable and does it work?
  • What role does the traditional agency plays when all brands are publishers?
  • What does media planning look like in the native world?
  • How are agencies and brands are setting up "newsrooms" to become conversationalists?
  • What does marketing look and feel like for publishers?
Conference Content Programmer

Steve Smith, Editorial Director, MediaPost

Rave Reviews for the OMMA Series

"Great event. Great networking. Best event for getting the industry's collective wisdom on this subject quickly."

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"Great content, discussions with the right industry leaders on-hand every time.  Congratulations."

Nick Hulse
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"The OMMA Conferences continue to deliver insights and fascinating cases from those on the leading edge of their craft. Whether you are an expert or a novice these events are a terrific investment in ensuring you up to date on the latest dimensions of the business."

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