April 1, 2014London: 8 Northumberland Avenue


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"Native” advertising raises more questions than publishers or agencies seem able to answer quite yet. MediaPost’s new OMMA Native series seeks answers in the form of questions. How do we make sense of a “native advertising” label that is being fashionably sewn onto everything from custom content projects to in-text banners and pop-ups or even networked display? And once we get beyond basic definitions, how is this stuff being scaled, executed effectively and measured against the rest of the media plan? Do brands really need “newsrooms” now? And who should be running them, using what voice, under what authority from the brand? Is “native” just the sexiest (and smallest) piece of a more important shift towards content marketing, where brands are publishers that in the future will create editorial strategies just as they now do media plans?

Featured Speakers

OMMA Native Will Answer the Following Questions:

  • What is native advertising anyway? Is it scalable, measurable and does it work?
  • What role does the traditional agency play when all brands are publishers?
  • What does media planning look like in the native world?
  • How are agencies and brands are setting up "newsrooms" to become conversationalists?
  • What does marketing look and feel like for publishers?

Rave Reviews for the OMMA Conference Series

"Great event. Great networking. Best event for getting the industry's collective wisdom on this subject quickly."

Trip Foster
Director, Business Development
Zenovia Digital Exchange

"Great content, discussions with the right industry leaders on-hand every time.  Congratulations."

Nick Hulse
Rubicon Project

"The OMMA Conferences continue to deliver insights and fascinating cases from those on the leading edge of their craft. Whether you are an expert or a novice these events are a terrific investment in ensuring you up to date on the latest dimensions of the business."

Tony Jarvis
Research Architect
Olympic Media Consultancy