July 21, 2015


Some things never change. For all of the efficiency and interactivity the digital revolution has brought to the marketing world, the basics of advertising continue to hold true. Great brands want to align themselves with great content, build rich experiences that leverage a medium’s creative palette, and maintain control over where and how their messages reach consumers. The online marketplace of search and nano-targeting banner technologies have been a boon to direct marketers large and small. And yet, big brands still crave the three perennial Cs: Control over placement, Contexts that resonate with customers, and Creativity that brings real impact to a message. A large share of digital ad dollars continues to flow to the clean, well-lit places because that is where branding still happens best.

Even “creativity” isn’t quite what it used to be. With torrents of data parsing every aspect of customer behavior and attitudes, the data and analytics that always drove performance media may be taking the wheel of premium display as well. We ask both the creative and media teams how big ideas now get born, parsed and planned in a fragmented landscape. And those bigger concepts have to reach consumers across multiple channels. So how are agencies and publishers working together to craft, scale and measure the integrated campaigns that promise to capture fragmented audiences? And then we turn to the emerging channels to find the best practices that are defining “premium” in so many ways in the social feed, on custom video platforms and of course of the most challenging screen of all – mobile. 

From generating that big idea to all the many ways high impact messaging courses through an always-there, multi-screen media economy, premium display advertising is not immune to the omni-channel planning and attention fragmentation that affects all media now. OMMA Premium Display at Advertising Week tries to put together the pieces for a more actionable view of high impact brand messaging of the future.

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"OMMA Premium is a dynamic conference on a niche topic being worked on by extremely sharp individuals. The audience was receptive to seeing how their niche fit into a larger digital marketing strategy and referenced how their work fits into the bigger picture."
Karen Bellin, Director, Web Analytics, Digitaria

"Thanks for hitting on topics that definitely bear discussion, and for bringing speakers and panelists from such varied backgrounds and perspectives. That was the most eye-opening aspect for me."
Stephen Prat, Data Analyst, U.S. Interactive Media

“An event like OMMA Premium allows us to conduct meetings and collect "insider" insights in a very focused and ROI-dirven manner. Attending the OMMA events is a market research buy as much as (if not more than) it is a lead generation buy."
Kirby Winfield, SVP, Corporate Development, comScore

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What To Expect

* Listen to top names from media agencies, creative agencies, and publishers in onstage panels, keynotes, research presentations, and case studies in order to create the best premium display initiatives.

* Learn how control over ad placement, creative execution, and ensuring ads are in the right context are shaping the industry.

* Network with agencies, brands, and other decision makers in display advertising to broaden your connections and partnerships.

Conference Editor

Steve SmithEditorial Director - Events, MediaPost

What The Industry is Saying

"As a brand marketer, OMMA Premium provided key insights into the realities and opportunities of the business that I may not have been exposed to otherwise. Great conference."
Katie Foret, Global Advertising Specialist, Cisco

“I rarely attend conferences, but this day was worth its weight in monthly user visits.  The keynotes, multiple panels and round table lunch all had me getting more and more engaged.  The event was perfectly timed and right in my wheelhouse.  Thanks MediaPost for a great conference.”
Jeff Taylor, Founder, Eons.com & Monster.com

"OMMA Premium is one of the most significant shows on the circuit today. I have been to many events in my career and I can honestly say OMMA Display had the deepest impact."
Alex Montanez, Business Development Manager, TechMediaNetwork

"OMMA Premium is an incredible opportunity to connect with savvy people you want to know more and do business with."
Tosh Bulger, Head of UK Network Ops, AudienceScience

"I look to OMMA to provide an uncanny perspective on the future of our industry. In all areas of the online advertising world, from publishers to advertisers and all the innovative technology players in between, OMMA Premium is a platform and forum for the most forward-thinking leaders and perspectives. 5 stars!"
Amiad Solomon, President, Peer39