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Top Loyalty Engagement Brands

by , Feb 6, 2012, 8:00 AM
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  1. Apple (tablets)
  2. Apple (smartphones)
  3. Amazon (e-retailer)
  4. Kindle (e-reader)
  5. Facebook (social networks)
  6. Hyundai (automotive)
  7. Samsung (cell phones)
  8. Discover (credit cards)
  9. YouTube (video streaming)
  10. Google (search engine)
  11. Call of Duty (gaming)
  12. Mary Kay (cosmetics)
  13. McDonald’s (quick-serve food)
  14. Häagen Dazs (packaged ice cream)
  15. Patron (tequila)
  16. Grey Goose (vodka)
  17. Crest Whitestrips (tooth whiteners)
  18. Walgreen’s (drug stores)
  19. Clairol (hair color)
  20. AT&T (wireless phone service)

Source: Brand Keys 2012 Customer Loyalty Engagement Index

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