Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Around The Net

  • Chicago Tries Transit Etiquette AdsChicago Tribune

    Chicago Transit Authority will launch a "courtesy campaign"' aimed at getting people to act civil and save. Thirteen humorous messages addressing various behaviors unbecoming a CTA rider will start appearing on unsold advertising space aboard buses and trains and at rail stations, officials said Tuesday. One says "Your maid doesn't work here. Please don't leave your crap behind. ..."' ...Read the whole story

  • Arby's 21-Hour Commercial, Now On DVDMashable

    Arby's is out-doing its 13-hour, Guinness World Record-breaking ad showing brisket being smoked, proof that Arby's really does smoke the meat in its Smokehouse Brisket LTO sandwich. The company is going to create an even longer commercial with even more smoked meat, this time in collectible DVD form: Arby's will hand out 500 six-DVD box sets featuring its original brisket commercial - plus an extra eight hours. ...Read the whole story

  • Sixt Taps Grey For U.K.Campaign

    Sixt, the German car rental company, has appointed Grey London to drive brand awareness with its first major U.K. advertising campaign. The campaign will aim to increase awareness of the family-owned car rental company, and dramatize its brand promise, "Drive first class, pay economy." ...Read the whole story

  • GM President Says No Merger Talk With MarchionneAutomotive News