Thursday, December 18, 2014

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  • America's Fastest-Growing Beer Brands24/7 Wall Street

    America's top brewers own some sagging brands, but some of their beers are doing just fine. According to data provided by Beer Marketer's Insights, American barrel shipments of eight major brands increased by more than 20% between 2008 and 2013. Dos Equis led the beer industry, shipping 116.6% more barrels in 2013 compared to 2008. Modelo Especial had the second highest growth rate of barrels shipped over that period. ...Read the whole story

  • Tesla Stock Price Sliding Because Of Low Gas PricesDetroit Bureau

    The low gas prices that have been a boon for truck and sport-utility sales are taking a toll on fuel-efficient and electric vehicles, and that includes Tesla, or at least its stock price. The Palo Alto, California-based automaker saw its stock close below $200 a share yesterday for the first time since mid-February. It dropped to $197.81, which was down $6.23 for the day. ...Read the whole story

  • The Year Between Buns Burger Business

    It's time for Burger Business's best and worst in burgers for 2014. And there are some doozies as always. Jack in the Box is BB's burger chain of the year on the strength of its Bacon Insider burger, and because it formally marketed its late-night menu separately from day part. It includes the Chick-n-Tater Melt. And the chain kept coming out with new limited time offers, while others backed off. The top indie chain: Burger Revolution in Belleville, Ont. More best-ofs at the jump. ...Read the whole story

  • Renewed U.S. Relations Means Internet Upgrades For Cuba Engadget
  • Auto Trader To Launch GBP6.5 Million TV PushBrand Republic