Friday, September 19, 2014
  • Nissan Signs Up As Exclusive Sponsor Of 'The Voice'

    It will sponsor "The Voice Official App," designed to deliver content and act as a fan participation vehicle. Principally, according to the automaker, it delivers show content from the auditions to the finals, and allows users to vote during broadcast. ...Read the whole story

  • CE Buyers Like To Go In-Store To Buy

    When it comes to product awareness, news and reviews and word-of-mouth drives initial awareness, followed by brand advertising. When it comes to additional research, the opinion of family and friends is of primary importance, followed by brand Web sites and expert reviews ...Read the whole story

  • Toys R Us Targets Tweens With Claire's Combo

    In the midst of a sweeping turnaround, Toys R Us is tapping a new segment for sales growth: Tween girls and their never-ending need for new bijoux and baubles. The retailer is partnering with Claire's, the world's leading retailer of glittery barrettes. ...Read the whole story

  • FirstBank Targets Mid-Sized Business

    The commercial draws a line between fame (nowadays) and legacy. Its first half, culled from the Internet, is comprised of "fails" such as a distinctly ungraceful woman "works it" in her cat suit and a balance beam gymnast lands on his crotch. ...Read the whole story

  • ConAgra Cross-Pollinates Promotions, Digital Teams

    With technology, demographics and economic trends driving a revolution in shopping behavior, it's never been more important to maximize learning and skills across marketing disciplines and minimize nonproductive silo cultures. ...Read the whole story

  • Florida Citrus Receives Superhero Help From Marvel

    The FDOC's partnership with Marvel includes a print comic book distributed free to one million children in schools across the country this fall, as well as an educational teacher's guide, providing a lesson plan aligned with best practices teaching guidelines. ...Read the whole story

Football Advertisers Kvetch, But Won't Punt

National consumer brands should pull advertising. Really? Where else will brands go to get TiVo-proof viewers? ...More

  • Retailer Attribution

    As the 2014 holiday season approaches, marketing attribution remains a problem for many retailers. Fortunately, there are ways to get a better picture of how your organization's marketing initiatives are driving revenue. ...More