Email Campaign Sees 137% Open Rate From Personalized Sender

MarketingSherpa, Thursday, November 29, 2012 4:17 PM
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For a case study, MarketingSherpa tested two versions of a webinar promotion using the same subject line but different senders. One version was sent from "MarketingSherpa" while the other sender included a person's name along with the company. The version containing the personal name saw a 137% increase in open rate. The emails differed internally as well, with the "personal touch" version personalized with the recipient's name in the greeting, and using a less designed template to create the feel of a more personal note, resulting in a lift of 127% in click-throughs. The company does admit the test was not a random A/B test, however, as the "personal touch" version was limited to subscribers for whom a first name was in the database.

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