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Holly Pavlika

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Holly Pavlika, an award-winning creative marketing and social media veteran, and SVP, Marketing & Content at Collective Bias. Holly is also the founder of MOMentumNation her blog on marketing to moms leveraging social media. Prior to launching MOMentumNation, Ms. Pavlika established MOMentum while serving as the Executive Creative Director and Managing Director at Big Fuel, a pure play social media agency.

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  • The 2015 Ahalogy Pinterest Media Consumption Study in Engage:Moms on 08/12/2015

    Pinterest is fascinating. Its volume of curated content alone is impressive, but as a user, I am always amazed at how beautiful a page of pins looks after it is populated. Seasonal boards come alive without barely lifting a finger to pin crafty projects and rich images. You can't say that about Twitter or Facebook, whose content is fleeting and not as visually organized.

  • Useful Is The New Cool With Millennial Parents in Engage:Moms on 08/07/2015

    Did you know that one in four Millennials is a parent and in the next 10 to 15 years, Millennial women will give birth to babies at a rate of 10,000 per day? Incredible when you consider that each year there are approximately 4,000 first-time moms in the U.S. alone.

  • Why Hispanic Teens Are Saving Google+ in Engage:Hispanics on 07/06/2015

    Google+ has long been the black sheep of the Google family, and the broader social media community for that matter. Even Google itself has acknowledged the network's shortcomings, as former Googler Chris Messina candidly wrote how both he and Google had fudged up. Chris's word choice was a bit more colorful. And then there was the departure of Google+ creator, Vic Gundotra, in April 2014 - arguably the most ominous sign for the social network's future at the time. But while Google+ was undoubtedly mishandled early on, it does still possess promise for brands.

  • Back-To-School With Millennial Moms in Engage:Moms on 07/02/2015

    Fourth of July is upon us and for some parents, visions of sending kids back to school are already dancing in their minds. This includes millennial moms-believe it or not, some women on the older end of the millennial generation have children that are of school age and are preparing for classes in the fall. And this year, about $56.3 billion in back-to-school sales is expected - that's a lot of backpacks, school supplies, new shoes and more.

  • Five Don'ts In Working With Mom Influencers in Engage:Moms on 06/05/2015

    There is a proliferation of influencer marketing companies cropping up each and every day. Ever more marketers are understanding how influencers can bring in new audiences to the brand. In fact, many influential moms have bigger and more engaged audiences than many top brands. But beware the company you choose.

  • Reach Moms Through Storytelling And Podcasts in Engage:Moms on 05/01/2015

    If social media is powered by storytelling and great stories are what lead people to sharing, then no wonder podcasts are growing in popularity.

  • The Multicultural Diversity Of Motherhood in Engage:Moms on 04/03/2015

    While most of us tend to think of diversity as Hispanic, African American, Asian and other ethnicities, there is a growing diversity in all Americans, and also between them. This is the very reason Tara J. Frank, vice president for multicultural strategy at 100+-year-old Hallmark, has such an important job.

  • Moms Are Ready For Online Grocery Shopping in Engage:Moms on 03/06/2015

    Online grocery shopping is not a new concept. It's been tried and many have failed, but as with everything, it's all about timing. Stores like Wegmans are seeing early success on their second trial because of advances in technology and personalization. Tying personal shopper to the online buying process has been one way Wegmans has been able to satisfy moms who want thin asparagus versus just an order of asparagus.

  • What Brings Shopping App-iness To Today's Moms? in Engage:Moms on 02/06/2015

    Moms love shopping apps. In fact they are the fastest growing things in mobile. Relevancy and usefulness are propelling this demand to go well beyond just savings features. Flurry Analytics found the shopping category increased last year by 220% on Android alone. In fact, the smarter that retailers become about helping today's shopper, the more attached she will become. Her smartphone is quickly becoming her everyday shopping assistant.

  • Get Creative With Your Millennial Grocery Shopper in Engage:Moms on 01/02/2015

    Looking to reach your fair share of the 80 million Millennials in the U.S.? You should because they make up 25% of the population and will have more than $200 billion in spending power by 2017 according to Advertising Age. So how can you tap into these adventure seeking, tech-savvy, always-on social media maven's wallets? Particularly when Millennials are moving away from the traditional grocery chains their parents shop in and opting towards specialty, mass retailer, club and convenience stores, as reported by Barkely.

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