• Turning 2017 Marketing Predictions Into Brand, Business Success
    I was called the other morning by a local TV station to come to the studio for an on-camera interview about my marketing predictions for 2017. Fortunately, or unfortunately, I had meetings with clients all morning, so I missed my 15 minutes of fame. I say "fortunately" as I no doubt would have just rambled on about all the things that everyone else says - mobile video, influencer marketing, AI, programmatic media, data data data - and you all would have been bored to tears.
  • Omni-Channel Marketing Meets Consumer Engagement
    Omni-channel marketing seeks to provide the consumer a seamless shopper experience whether in-store, online, desktop or mobile. Retail marketers like Starbucks, Sephora, and Crate & Barrel have made moving towards this goal a priority, investing in processes and platforms to ensure consumers enjoy a familiar and consistent interaction whether brick, click, swipe or scan. As this continues to become the norm, consumers will expect frictionless interactions with all brands.
  • Wanted
    Hollywood has largely equated the idea of being wanted in America with criminality. Whether it is westerns or gangster flicks or TV's John Walsh, we typically associate this word with the desire to capture the most despicable and dangerous of criminals.
  • Amazon: CPG Friend Or Foe?
    Amazon's growth and emergence as a retail powerhouse are undeniable. They are one of the top 10 retailers in the world with annual revenue of over $100 billion. A significant force in the retail space, Amazon is setting its sights on selling a lot more CPG products in 2017.
  • 5 Advertising Tips To Keep In Mind For 2017
    It's a new year! We're looking forward to the latest in virtual reality and augmented reality, anticipating advancements to the Internet of Things. But, really, no amount of dazzle beats the basics, the ABCs and 123s. With that in mind, we want to steer back to the fundamentals of creating successful ads.
  • Rethinking CPG Brands For A More Fluid Age
    Until recently, CPG companies could rely on a time-tested formula to create brand loyalty: provide a trusted, competitively priced product and then invest in advertising and in-store promotions to grow consumer mindshare.
  • The Biggest Trends To Rethink Going Into 2017
    Every day a new article comes out boasting that this will be the new year of Augmented Reality or Live Video, and by now most CPG brands have finalized their 2017 activation plans. While we wait to see which of the top trends work for the new year, let's take a moment and reflect how we can improve our approaches for executing some of these trends.
  • Understanding The Fickle Adult Beverage Consumer
    Many of us will head to the grocery store this holiday season to pick up a few items and, inevitably, that includes grabbing beer, wine or a spirit product. We have our list in hand and a pretty good idea of what we're going to buy. But something happens to 21% of us while in the store: We change our mind.
  • Where To Invest 2017 New Product Marketing Dollars
    A recent Nielsen study, "Breakthrough Innovation Report," in the UK reveals just how good packaging design remains a successful way to impact consumers' decision making. This is key to remember when our marketing investment is pulled in different directions and new technologies and social media are vying hard for important time and dollars.
  • How CPG Marketers Can Spark Engagement Post-Holiday Gift Season
    It's shaping up to be another shiny and bright shopping season. A recent Gallup poll indicates that Americans will spend an average of $752 on gifts this holiday season, while Deloitte's 2016 Holiday Survey reports that those holiday dollars will yield an average of 14 gifts per shopper. The survey also shows that intended holiday spending on health and beauty aids and cosmetics and fragrances continues to climb. Candy and food purchases should also see an uptick, according to The National Retail Federation. After this flurry of activity, how many shoppers will come back to your brand? In the last ...
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