• Don't Set It And Forget It
    In recent years, consumer packaged goods companies (CPGs) have invested significantly to deliver a better customer experience (CX) than their competitors. But most have overlooked the one factor that influences CX the most: Price. Now, savvy leaders are recognizing the untapped potential of price to create an entirely new kind of customer experience. Welcome to personalized dynamic pricing.
  • 3 Keys To CPG Marketing Success: Precision, Scale And First-Party Insights
    Most B2C marketers now have more distribution channels than they did just a few years ago. Though these channels afford marketers more data to leverage and opportunities for conversion, they also create more challenges in closing the attribution loop. What's more, brands also have to grapple with consumers making purchases both in-store and online. This means that they have to market their products in such a way that entices the customer to make a purchase in two very different environments, where they must be equally adept at closing the attribution loop and making use of the resulting data.
  • Marketer's Amnesia: Forgetting What Makes Us Spend As A Consumer
    Although I've spent much of my professional life as a marketer, it's safe to say I - like most of us - have spent much of my personal life as a consumer. Recently, a colleague asked me which brands I was loyal to, and I had to really think about it. Finally, I recalled a particular coffee brand that I always buy.
  • 3 Tips For Getting And Using Product Reviews
    In the lead-up to SXSW last week, Bazaarvoice, the product review software company, held their annual summit in Austin, Texas. I attended the conference and was struck by the variety of companies who rely on product reviews. There were representatives from companies that make everything from make-up to garage door openers as well as many B2B product and service firms.
  • Building Walls?! The Latest Food Trends Tell Us Otherwise
    To continue building upon my food expertise and to help my clients generate timely news, at the beginning of every new year, I pay close attention to the latest food trends and enjoy watching them blossom onto the restaurant scene and into our homes.
  • 'The Shark That Can't Stop Swimming'
    That's how "Fortune" recently described 3G's business model. The magazine goes on to say, "A central feature of this model is that it can't work forever. It builds value only by buying more companies."
  • Harness Social And Online To Influence Mom's In-Store Purchases
    There's no question the path to purchase is nonlinear, especially for moms. Moms seamlessly zigzag through various channels and media all the way to the checkout line. For many years, in-store shopper marketing was limited to initiatives such as store signage, displays or promotions to drive sales at the point of purchase. While these tactics are certainly still effective, moms no longer rely on just the latest end cap.
  • What Advertisers Learned From A Little Monkey
    Imagine, if you will, a thick hamburger patty being pulled off a sizzling grill and laid on a freshly toasted bun. Cheese slowly melts on the patty while it's topped with lettuce, tomato and secret sauce drips as the top bun is perfectly placed. Now imagine two hands reaching to grab the delicious-looking burger. You see the person open their mouth, take a bite and close their eyes to enjoy each moment of the experience. Their eyes open and the only thing left to do is smile.
  • Rural America - Not Your Average Consumers
    While more than 80% of Americans live in Urban cities, the results of the 2016 presidential election highlighted that there are many unique differences and considerations facing the 20% of Americans living in rural areas. Many of the frequent cultural assumptions we make when planning campaigns for the general population do not necessarily match up with what Rural Americans experience on a daily basis.
  • The Personal Touch In Brand Marketing: 4 Priorities For CPG
    Today's consumer goods industry was built on brand marketing. For decades, the focus was on high-impact campaigns across TV, billboards and radio, with companies seeking to develop slogans and brand narratives that resonated with consumers of all ages and backgrounds.
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