• The Future Of Snacking: What That Means For Marketers
    According to Mintel, Millennials are more likely than any other generation to snack four times a day or, in many cases, more often than that. And 94% of Americans are snacking at least once per day. Snacking now accounts for 50% of all eating occasions and America's consumers say that snacking is essential to meeting their daily nutritional requirements.
  • Do Consumers Want To Commune With Brands?
    For the many years that preceded social media, marketers relied mostly on engaging with their consumers in one-way communications. This included television, radio, direct mail, billboards etc.
  • A Rejuvenating Plunge Into Innovation
    If you spend any time in CPG product innovation, you're likely using a"Jobs To Be Done" (JTBD) approach. Created by Harvard Business School professor and disruptive innovator Clayton Christensen, the JTBD approach simply suggests people don't buy products, they hire them to do specific jobs.
  • Root Your Brand in Consumer Memory
    Advertising is ultimately an exercise in shaping the memories and associations that consumers hold of a brand. And memory, as we know from neuroscience, is a lot more complicated than we originally thought. The old model of memory oversimplifies the much more complex processes that occur in the brain when a consumer interacts with the many touch-points of a brand.
  • 80% Of Influencers Report Never Receiving A Negative Comment On Sponsored Content
    With the proliferation of influencer content and the increased scrutiny of the FTC on disclosures, one of the critical elements is maintaining authenticity. In a time where so many CPG brands are investing in influencer marketing due to the abounding opportunities, do too many sponsored posts mean death to an influencer's credibility, audience and engagement?
  • True Omni-channel Is The Only Avenue For CPGs
    The winning focus for any consumer packaged goods brand is stated in its name - the consumer. These brands, more than any other, are faced with the challenge of ensuring their consumers have an effective and seamless marketing experience. In light of this focus, the CPG brands that will reign supreme in the marketing landscape are those that move away from a multi-channel approach and begin directing their marketing power towards true omni-channel tactics.
  • It's Not Only About The Product: Platforms Are The Future Of CPG Brands
    Thanks to digital disruption, the nature of consumer packaged goods companies is changing. Rather than simply selling goods, leading CPG companies are looking to create and curate customer experiences. These experiences are underpinned by a new form of collaboration, using platforms to connect with consumers like never before.
  • Turning 2017 Marketing Predictions Into Brand, Business Success
    I was called the other morning by a local TV station to come to the studio for an on-camera interview about my marketing predictions for 2017. Fortunately, or unfortunately, I had meetings with clients all morning, so I missed my 15 minutes of fame. I say "fortunately" as I no doubt would have just rambled on about all the things that everyone else says - mobile video, influencer marketing, AI, programmatic media, data data data - and you all would have been bored to tears.
  • Omni-Channel Marketing Meets Consumer Engagement
    Omni-channel marketing seeks to provide the consumer a seamless shopper experience whether in-store, online, desktop or mobile. Retail marketers like Starbucks, Sephora, and Crate & Barrel have made moving towards this goal a priority, investing in processes and platforms to ensure consumers enjoy a familiar and consistent interaction whether brick, click, swipe or scan. As this continues to become the norm, consumers will expect frictionless interactions with all brands.
  • Wanted
    Hollywood has largely equated the idea of being wanted in America with criminality. Whether it is westerns or gangster flicks or TV's John Walsh, we typically associate this word with the desire to capture the most despicable and dangerous of criminals.
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