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Larry Dobrow

Member since February 2006 Contact Larry

  • Sr. Partner Encore International
  • 215 East 68th St.
  • Suite 8T
  • New York New York
  • 10065 USA

A strategic and creative consultancy serving a group of four international advertising agencies

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  • JBL's 'Reflect BT Wireless Headphones - Epic Fail' Is A Perfect Fit in Video Critique on 10/23/2014

    It's still rare that marketing content is crafted in such a manner as to make me fumble for my wallet and spill its contents on the nearest merchant's countertop. That said, JBL's "Reflect BT Wireless Headphones - Epic Fail" is one such piece of content.

  • Denny's Web Series, 'The Grand Slams,' Needs To Be Weirder  in Video Critique on 10/16/2014

    As anybody who reads this column knows, I am a big fan and regular semi-advertent practitioner of willful stupidity. My shoelaces rarely find their across-the-tongue soul mate. I have presented at every DumbCon and delivered keynote speeches ("Opposites De-Tract: Paula Abdul and the Psychological Duality of Cartoon Selves" and "I Do Not Understand Twin Peaks") at the most recent ones. Beavis is my spirit animal.

  • Listerine Fumbles With 'America's Healthiest Heroes' in Video Critique on 10/09/2014

    So when Mouthwash talks, I listen. Happily, Mouthwash takes its responsibilities to germophobes and the overmedicated very seriously. You almost never hear about Mouthwash having complicity in a series of convenience-store robberies, or advising your daughter to drop out of school and accompany her yoga instructor on a tour of South America's grandest plantations.

  • 'Meet Me At Starbucks' Lacks Spontaneity And A Notion Of Community in Video Critique on 10/02/2014

    I dig Starbucks. I do. The stores are clean and well-ventilated. The staff smiles and makes eye contact. Rarely does my superdrink fail to realize the promise of untamed choco-exuberance implicit in its moniker.

  • Dobrow's Latest Installment Of 'Short Attention Span Theater' in Video Critique on 09/25/2014

    We've got five interesting-for-different-reasons clips this week, none of which are worth more than three paragraphs. Thus it's time for another installment of Short Attention Span Theater, in which I attempt to condense content into bite-size column-ettes. Hey, it beats 825 labored words on the latest CGI-dancing-babies extravaganza. Here's a few lessons I learned:

  • John Hancock's 'Hancock Next' Is Ambitious For A Financial Services Brand in Video Critique on 09/18/2014

    Every financial-services pitch since the dawn of humanity appears to have been delivered by an old-but-not-too-old man, one whose demeanor suggests a prudent town clerk and whose voice conveys the wisdom of the ages. Perhaps financial companies have research confirming that "venerated white guy speaking slowly, as if to a roomful of impulsive dipsh*ts" remains the most effective attitudinal shading for products of this nature, but really: It's 2014.

  • IKEA Scores High With 'The Time Travel Experiment' And '2015 Catalog' Videos in Video Critique on 09/12/2014

    IKEA's growth in the U.S. happened to coincide with my buying-stuff adolescence. I was on my own for the first time and, for reasons best explored with a therapist, determined to do everything myself. The delivery of a patented IKEA fltbx packed with almost-wood panels, cryptic assembly instructions and inch-long Allen wrenches gave me a palpable buzz. Two days and nine hours later, when I completed putting together whatever awesomely nonsensically named item I was putting together, I felt complete. IKEA product assembly bolstered my sense of self. My 20s were not a proud decade.

  • Kahlua's 'The White Russian' Is A Brand Video That Leaves You Wanting More in Video Critique on 09/04/2014

    This time around it's Kahlua attempting to barter its liquid-party-candy image for a little hipster sangfroid. Happily, rather than falling back on either of the two mainstays of alcohol advertising - the dumb dudes acting dumbishly of beer spots or the suave actorly mannerisms of vodka and tequila ads - "The White Russian" settles into an easy western-noir groove, one that pays homage to genre conventions while simultaneously tweaking them.

  • What's The Point Of KFC's 'Real KFC Cook' Series? in Video Critique on 08/28/2014

    KFC's most recent online video push, in which it introduces us to three of its nicest, proudest cooks, is so baffling. It's the first series in some time that, above all else, poses an existential dilemma: Why is this here? Who is the intended audience? Is there some judgmental subset of fast-food diners that insists on decency and diligence in their restaurant stewards?

  • Gatorade 'Sweat' Clips Overplay A Tired Premise? in Video Critique on 08/21/2014

    I wonder how many brands -- specifically, how many brands using video to reinforce identities forged long ago -- are quite as gallant, brave, enlightened, thoughtful and special as I am. Along those lines, I call your attention to Gatorade and its oft-stated self-identification as restorative manna for elite athletes.

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