• 'Reclaim The Kitchen' Feels Beneath The Wolf Brand
    With the help of a sledgehammer and a bridge loan, we will soon set about reclaiming our kitchen. Until then, we're left to marvel at the bold reverse-ingenuity that went into designing it. So when I think about the vision of reclaiming a kitchen articulated by Sub-Zero's Wolf, maker of ovens and ranges so high-end that they confer upon their owner advanced social status, I scoff knowingly. You know, like, "Oh-ho-ho, Mr. Expensive Stove Man-Person! You want to tell me that emotional reclamation trumps the literal kind? Go on. I'll just be over here attempting to balance a microwave atop ...
  • 'Why I Walked Away' Throws A Positive Spin On The Players' Tribune Brand
    But in the last month, the Tribune published by far the most thoughtful take on the challenge baseball faces as it attempts to reverse the trend of losing the most promising young athletes to other sports. Then on Wednesday, it unveiled its most unvarnished video to date, in which former NBA first-round draft pick Larry Sanders shares his reasons for quitting the sport.
  • Biore Tries Too Hard With '#StripwithBiore Challenge'
    Bior's latest push behind its pore-gunk-suction strips, the "#StripwithBiore Challenge," tries so, so, so hard. The brand has been inserting the ever-so-whimsical double entendre of a hashtag into sponsored-tweet rotations with an abandon that borders on recklessness. And in the first video associated with the campaign, it overexerts professional-contortionist-style to make actress Brittany Snow happen.
  • 'The Elevator Scene' Helps Reinvent The Audi Brand

    At the supermarket the other day, I grabbed my usual rations of ice cream and capers and headed towards the 10-items-or-fewer line. Upon arriving, I found myself behind a stooped-over older woman in the process of unloading 12 items from her cart (damn straight I counted). The cashier whipped the purchases past the scanner with abandon, ringing her up to the tune of $30.01. But when it came time to pay, the woman’s fingers couldn’t easily manipulate her wallet; one could have gained Congressional approval for a new currency in the time it took for her to reach into her ...

  • Air Wick's 'Home Is... (The Full Story)' Shows The Brand's New Sense Of Self
    So even before I spent a few minutes with Air Wick's latest home-is-where-the- malodorous-heart-is brand dispatch, I was primed to enjoy it. Selling a product of this nature can't be easy - by purchasing it, you're more or less admitting that the pong of your surroundings is displeasing to anyone except sweatsock fetishists - but Air Wick has done an admirable job positioning its wares as household enhancements. Whoever came up with the "home fragrance solutions" phrasing deserves a raise.
  • Nomorobo Is A Defiant Fly In the Telemarketing Ointment
    It is Super Bowl week. There are lots of ads. Several of them feature celebrities. I'd like to talk about marketing-evasion.
  • I'm Not Hyped For Pepsi's Super Bowl Halftime Show

    Pity is the one emotion I don’t allow myself to feel, save for exceptional circumstances - when in the company of hopeful Jets fans, for instance, or when my soon-to-be-divorced friends start frantically posting photos of their kids on Facebook. Empathy? Sure. I’ll empathize until the cows come home, especially if said cows had an emotionally distant relationship with their bovine daddies. But nobody likes to pity or be pitied. It’s the saddest form of regard.

    Well, I pity Pepsi. In the wake of its relentless torrent of “Hyped For Halftime” brand puffery, I am genuinely concerned about every ...

  • Newcastle's 'Band of Brands' Falls Short, Like All Beer Marketing
    Which brings me to Newcastle Brown Ale and its second annual self-deprecating attempt at deflating the pomp and pageantry around Super Bowl beer ads. I loved the first one, which was understated and dismissive in ways that approximately zero percent of event-centric marketing usually is. This time around, however, the brand has gone the bigger-concept route - and, in the process, surrendered all the low-key charm that made its first dip into the anti-marketing marketing pool so appealing.
  • Onion Labs Hits The Right Tempo With Get Covered Illinois
    Hire The Onion - or, more specifically, its Onion Labs creative services arm. Because if its people can refashion Get Covered Illinois into a bona-fide original web brand with just a handful of subtle satirical bits, imagine what they could do with the crates of cash deposited on the loading docks of established brand-ad firms.
  • Top Videos of 2014

    Y’all know that I rarely traffic in sordid vulgarisms like “darn,” so you’ll understand just how profound a statement I’m making when I say that 2014 has been a darn fine year. The family unit got bigger, crises involving attic invaders and personal physical decay were handled with uncommon grace and I found some really comfortable new underwear. Indeed, in ways big and small, 2014 was very good to me. Since there’s nowhere else to express my gratitude, let me do so here: Thanks! That sure was swell of you!

    On the brand-video front, things were no ...

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