• More Skewering, Smearing And Trash-Talking Of The Competition In Brand Video, Please
    Taken a step further, when did the notion of competitiveness, the sizing up and subsequent knocking down of the competition, become so distasteful to brand marketers? Is it because we-is-better-than-thems-is appeals doesn't work, or is it a manners thing?
  • A Call To Ban Mawkish, "Like"-Bait Father's Day Videos
    So who's going to win the 2016 Father's Day Awwwwwww!-Off? I present to you the three "best" candidates.
  • Optimum Busts A Move
    Anyway, my glee with Optimum after this year's renegotiation prompted me to check out "The Unmovers," the company's first true branded-content effort.
  • CVS's Long-Receipts Eulogy Rewrites History, Sort Of
    Overlong register receipts, a scourge which CVS boldly confronts in a pair of videos that debuted this week.
  • Triscuit Snacks On Empty Inspiration
    Sadly, just as Triscuits are uninspiring to gobble, so too are its brand videos to watch.
  • United's "Big Metal Bird" Soars (Sorry)
    United employees - sound the segue siren! - appear to receive plenty of training for just this sort of situation. That's the big takeaway from the supremely likable series of "Big Metal Bird" explainer videos that United has been dropping around once a month since December.
  • Duracell's Hearing-Loss Appeal Is Tone-Deaf
    So I had to watch Duracell's "Stay Connected" clip a few times to make sure I accurately assessed its tenor. The video features the travails of a 50-ish dude with fairly advanced hearing issues.
  • Gwyneth And Peyton Give Brand Video A Whirl
    Remind me again: Why am I supposed to hate Gwyneth Paltrow?
  • The Real Moms Of Organic Valley Kick Ass
    Organic Valley's "Organic Balance: Real Morning Report," opens on three women in beautifully appointed living spaces, one indulging in some early-day yoga, another journaling in her "journaling nook" and the third noshing on a "wholesome, farm-fresh breakfast with a tiny spoon" procured from "a company that gives tiny spoons to underprivileged children."
  • New-2-U Video Critique Classiq: Trump Magazine Basks In The Humility Of Its Titular Inspiration
    Hi, everybody! For this week's dip into the Video Critique archives, let's take a bit of a detour... into the archives of my previous MediaPost column, "Magazine Rack." Remember magazines?
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