• Buffalo Wild Wings And TGI Fridays Debut New Campaigns For Sports And Appetizer Fans
    It turns out that Buffalo Wild Wings isn't content to be perceived as a vibrant venue for watching the big game while inhaling deep-fried vittles; it wants to be known as "B-Dubs," a totally outrageous bunch of itinerant wingmeisters who are up for anything, except vegetables. Similarly, TGI Fridays is no longer a food-n-friends post-work destination; it's a place for urbane sophisticates who can grasp the Algonquin-esque wit embodied by anthropomorphized appetizers who sing.
  • Lexus Develops A Hoverboard Prototype
    It appears we're finally about to enter the hoverboard era. Did you see this thing yesterday? Lexus, of all manufacturers, claims that it has developed a hoverboard prototype. The company plans on drawing out the reveal until October 21, the day in Back to the Future in which Marty McFly traveled back in time to prevent Bill and Ted from terminating John Connor.
  • Dove Comes Off As Judgmental And Obnoxious In Father's Day Video
    Heading into Father's Day 2015, I am bulletproof. I am battle-hardened. I am capable (wife-certified). I am the platonic ideal of modern daddyhood, from the tackle-hugs I absorb to the juice-box straw holes I perforate. And even if I weren't, I'd still have a whole lot to say about Dove's latest desperate, cloying piece of "like" bait.
  • Listerine's Total Care Videos Hit The Mark
    The subject of today's little exercise, a series of videos designed to serve as a brand pick-me-up for Listerine Total Care, was filmed at my sister's house.
  • 'Ari Gold Is Back' In Entourage/Cadillac Campaign
    If you go see Entourage in the movie theater, I will not judge you - just as I won't judge you if you go see Spy, Aloha, Ant-Man, Tomorrowland or Meryl Streep, Laura Dern and Bradley Cooper in ACTING!!!!! Nobody needs an Entourage movie, you say? Allow me to counter with the suggestion that nobody needs any movie - no, not even Magic Mike XXL. They're movies; they're not organ-replacement surgeries.
  • Axe Sinks To A New Low With The 'Matte Effect'
    So you'll forgive me if, for today's exercise, I feast on the fruit so low-hanging that it's practically subterranean and babble once anew about the world's easiest brand to unpack, Axe. Before I even click on "New Axe Matte Effect Styling," the company's most recent offering to the Gods and Goddesses of mindless virality, I know exactly what I'm going to get. Fumes! Genial crassness that borders uneasily on misogyny! Winks at the audience so overt that they might as well be accompanied by actual winking!
  • Callaway Live Is Ambitious Piece Of Content
    I lack the chromatic diversity of pantwear to be a true golfer. As much as I enjoy leisurely allergic strolls in marsh-grade humidity, I can't bring myself to self-attire in a way that'd make me a hot ticket at the Bingo parlor. Also, from a hoping-to-remain-married perspective, the temporal demands of a job and kids render unwise the commitment of several hours per week to ball-striking. Mostly it's the pants, though. I like jeans. You can't golf in jeans. Golfing in jeans is like power-sanding in a frock.
  • Text+Motion: Video For The Distracted Age
    Mobility has forced sight, sound and motion to rethink its aesthetic fundamentals. The innovations we are seeing on devices for combining motion and text reflect and speak to the challenges of communicating in an age of distraction.
  • This Year's Crop Of Mother's Day Ads Tries Too Hard
    All this said: It is time for brands to pull back - waaaaaay back, judging by this year's crop of interchangeable thanks-mom piffle - on their attempts to burnish themselves by association with attentive mothering. This isn't just low-hanging fruit at this point; it's a stray banana on the linoleum. Genuine feeling - or the attempt to convey genuine feeling, anyway - can't atone for a complete abdication of the process that generates creative thought.
  • What David Letterman Means To Me
    Now that the first (and only?) valedictory interview with David Letterman has been published, I wanna be the first writer-type person to attempt -- and fail, in the most obliviously self-aggrandizing way possible -- to explain how much Dave has mattered to me, in a way that's super-different from the way he's mattered to everyone else, over the years.
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