• Hall & Oates Bring Out The Best In Brands, Naturally
    What's the official record for number of brands simultaneously boosted, burnished or otherwise bettered by/in a single video? Maybe two?
  • Calm Down, Buick!
    Umpteen years into my "career," I believe I have sussed out my first-ever real-ish, zeitgeist-galvanizing trend - and it's a media/marketing one to boot. I've chosen to call it "De-Expectationism."
  • The Drone Racing League Makes Its First Mainstream Play
    Something as low-octane as the Drone Racing League failed to pique my interest. I mean, super-futuristic unmanned aircraft piloted from afar through tight-cornered courses by headset-equipped gunners, set to the strains of pulsing music and illuminated in a cascade of neon?
  • Axe Trades Innuendo For Cultural Cachet - No, Really, It Does

    Readers of this column might remember the events that transpired when I was last left alone with the kids. Were there violations of municipal sovereignty? Perhaps. Did the National Wildlife Federation get involved? I suppose that depends on your definition of “involved.” But once you look past the sinkholes and what the town newspaper later described as a “plume of syrup,” the facts remain: My wife returned to find three out of three human beings alive, fed and more or less clean. Three out of three - that’s a batting average of 1.000. That’s Cooperstown.

    I found myself ...

  • A Plea To GMC: Just Show Me The Big, Pretty Truck

    I watch football differently than I once did. I used to shut out all distractions not involving aorta-constricting foodstuffs, because watching football was an experience as pure and beautiful as midnight snow. Now, after careful application of the moral/ethical blinders necessary to consume football in the CTE era, I sit down with the kids and answer their questions (“can Tom Coughlin hear you when you yell at him?,” “does that word mean what I think it means?”) as the action unfolds. When the kids dart off to play or nap, I fold laundry. YOLO, man, YOLO.

    Thus it was a ...

  • New Year, New Larry, New Cleaning-Thing-Video-Dealie
    Primarily marketed outside the US - take that, Toby Keith! - Cillit Bang products are billed as a miraculous, mystical whole-house cleaning solution. Spray some Cillit Bang potion on your rusty porch screws, say, or your muck-encrusted commode, and their at-birth luster will be magically restored. That's the pitch, anyway.
  • What I Learned From The Year's Top Brand Videos, 2015 Edition
    So yeah, it's time to do our annual look back at the year's top 10 brand videos, as statistically and mathily quantified by the good folks at Visible Measures.
  • It's New 2 U: Critique Classiq: Kony 2012, Revisited
    Welcome to another edition of "It's New 2 U: Critique Classiq." It's an attempt to monetize old crap... I mean, give a fresh audience to a "Video Critique" column that was criminally under-nominated for prestigious awards upon original publication.
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens Marketing Tie-Ins, Ranked
    While I appreciate marketers' enthusiasm to sidle up to one of the few can't-miss entertainment properties out there, they've pressed too hard on this new Star Wars - especially since their spiels were delivered in tandem with all sorts of other messaging.
  • Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuce
    It appears that after many false starts, Team Springsteen has figured out how to use the Internet - and particularly video - in a manner that makes its pre-release push feel relatively contemporary and savvy.
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