• Spotify Goes After Novice Streamers With 'Drawn And Recorded'
    Of all the streaming services, Spotify is the only real option, right? Apple Music and Tidal have limited catalogs and interfaces that are about as intuitive as a first-gen Zune.
  • Sainsbury's 'The Greatest Gift' Isn't Worth Giving
    Marketers have been in Christmas mode for a solid two weeks now. We've reached the point where the local waiting-room-rock radio station comes across as disciplined and humane by waiting to switch to a holiday-music-only format until tonight. It's November 18.
  • Gillette Graciously Underwrites Rogue One Commercial
    With the recent debut of "Every Story Has a Face," Gillette becomes the first marketer to get in on the Rogue One action. The clip kicks it Memento-style, commencing with a showdown between Stormtroopers and rebel forces and then traveling backward through the events that took place earlier in one rebel soldier's day. Spoiler: He shaved.
  • Doers Do-Off: Chevron Outflanks Advil And People Magazine
    Indeed: brand marketers have taken to strip-mining the land for inspiring people and their stories, those that can be presented during the best and worst of times.
  • The Return Of BMW Films Is Brand Marketing As (Awesome) Collision Sport
    The unexpected BMW Films reboot: "The Escape," which debuted last night at 6 p.m. ET. "The Escape," like the eight BMW Films offerings that preceded it, is pure pulpy goodness for people, like me, who believe that every filmed entertainment should feature lots of fast-goin' chases and stuff done gettin' blowed up.
  • Chatbooks' Get-to-Know-Us Appeal Is Catnip For Overburdened Parents
    In the enigmatically titled "Stop Wasting Hours Making Photo Books. This One Takes 1 Minute," Chatbooks hits that note with authority, practically writing off parents ("imaginary moms") who have hours to spend curating gloriously appointed, meticulously formatted photo books.
  • Shinola's Love Letter To Detroit Is All Heart
    Shinola balances the tenor of its appeal adeptly; its Detroit is real and vital.
  • Prada's Literary Ambitions Fall Flat In Video Realm
    Prada has extended the program into the video realm. The brand gang handed off the four winning stories, all roughly centered around the theme of "Illuminations, Shadows and Mirages," to a theatrical company, then tasked it with bringing them to life in a way that would permit Prada to use the word "experiential" in its campaign press materials.
  • Tylenol's Dad-Rock Paean Shortchanges Its Subjects
    Produced by the New York Times' T Brand Studio on behalf of Tylenol 8 Hr Arthritis Pain (and hosted by the Times), the video assembles 13 arthritis-afflicted musicians ("who never played together," the site copy notes just a bit too proudly) and chronicles their thoughts as they rehearse and record a cover of Fleetwood Mac's goth anthem "Don't Stop."
  • Lowe's 'Weekender' Radiates Do-It-Yourself Bliss
    My first stop for video salvation was down the digital freeway at Lowe's, which debuted a multipart home-improvement-for-mouth-breathers series, "The Weekender," in late summer.
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