• Lowe's 'Weekender' Radiates Do-It-Yourself Bliss
    My first stop for video salvation was down the digital freeway at Lowe's, which debuted a multipart home-improvement-for-mouth-breathers series, "The Weekender," in late summer.
  • Starbucks' "Upstanders" Craves Piety By Association
    In the 10 "Upstanders" clips, Starbucks lectures us about "ordinary people making an extraordinary difference."
  • Spike Jonze Clip For Kenzo Is An Act Of Viral Desperation
    Ah, normalcy. The weather has started to turn. The kids are somebody else's problem during the workday. And marketers have reemerged to charm and delight us with brand-video plays set in and around the autumn mainstays of back-to-school and football
  • Birbiglia, 'Don't Think Twice' Cast Deconstruct Viral Videos in 'Viral Video'
    As the proud owner of young children, I don't do anything ever. Among the few exceptions I've made to this "policy" was for the third of Mike Birbiglia's one-man shows, "Thank God For Jokes". The guy is funny as hell, but it's his subtlety and sway as a storyteller that elevate him above the twittering horde.
  • Philips' Elvis Act Not Ready For the Stage
    In today's brand video, a would-be Elvis impersonator achieves personal and physiological salvation with a big assist from his Philips Health Watch.
  • Budweiser/Jared Leto Venture Into 'Great Wide Open'
    Is this a first? In "Great Wide Open," a Budweiser-backed docu-series directed by Jared Leto, there are more sightings of Red Bull's logo than there are of Budweiser's. I counted.
  • Inspiring Olympic-Themed Inspiration Inspires Marketing
    The Olympics commence tonight, and you know what that means: It's time to get inspired by inspiration!
  • Philosophy Muddles The Middle-Age Mindset
    That's why I responded so positively to the premise of Philosophy's "Welcome to the Age of Cool," in which Ellen Pompeo smirks off all sorts of stereotypes about the acceleration of the aging process.
  • Best Buy's 'College' Humor Undermines Brand Offering
    It'd sure be swell if Best Buy decided to focus its branding efforts around its first-rate customer-support infrastructure, rather than dabble in teen-targeted silliness like "Best Buy Presents: How to College With Adam Devine."
  • ABCd's 'Newborn Moms' Raises The Bar For Minimalist Content Plays
    I dig everything about ABC's new ABCd Originals slate of quick-hit digital series, and especially "Newborn Moms."
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