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  • Farewell From The Email Diva in Email Insider on 10/07/2008

    I am taking a sabbatical from the Email Insider for a while, and hope to return with fresh insights and renewed enthusiasm. (When I wrote an article about PowerPoint, I knew the idea well had run dry!) After more than three years, it's time to step aside and let some new voices enrich you with their wisdom. I leave you with the Email Diva's guide to great email.

  • Presenting Your Email Results  in Email Insider on 09/23/2008

    If you are like most email marketers, it's all you can do to keep the trains running on time, and things like reporting fall by the wayside. At some point, however, we all must pause to review our efforts, presenting lessons learned and recommendations to executives, creatives and colleagues. The presentation is generally created with the software we love to hate: PowerPoint

  • Unsub Rates on the Rise in Email Insider on 09/09/2008

    Dear Email Diva: I'm compiling an overview of the common email metrics, specifically the performance over the last year, trends, etc. I was trying to find statistics to support the statement from this post by Lynn Terry that "unsubscribe rates are at an all-time high in the online business & marketing niches. In fact, April through June of 2008 saw some of the highest unsubscribe rates."

  • List Generation Via Fishbowl in Email Insider on 08/26/2008

    Dear Email Diva: I just read your post about sending email to tradeshow attendees, and was wondering how you feel about sending to tradeshow attendee lists provided to exhibitors, in light of CAN-SPAM. Do attendee lists like those fall under "implied" permission, or should they be considered opt-ins? Seems like a gray area to me. Obviously the safe bet is to use only names you've collected directly at your booth, but then you may miss out on the opportunity to email attendees who didn't "drop a card."

  • Post-Trade-Show Email  in Email Insider on 08/12/2008

    Dear Email Diva: Is it ever acceptable to send a B2B email marketing campaign that does not include a call to action? My interactive marketing agency uses HTML email campaigns to follow up with trade show attendees, using the list provided to exhibitors. The messages are along the lines of "hope you stopped by our booth, we can help you achieve your marketing/branding goals and look forward to speaking with you soon." There is no personalization, no call to action or any links...

  • More On Holiday Email Strategy in Email Insider on 07/29/2008

    In last week's article, the Email Diva stressed the importance of defining goals, integrating with your entire organization's efforts, delving into last year's data and researching your competitors and best practices. Now it's time to look at everything through the lens of the customer and fine-tune your process.

  • Holiday Email Strategy in Email Insider on 07/15/2008

    If you're like the Email Diva, the last thing you want to think about on this lovely July day is the H word. But, as Wikipedia points out, "Strategy is differentiated from tactics.... by its nature of being extensively premeditated.... Strategies are used to make the problem easier to understand and solve." In the name of making life easier, despite our seasonal aversion, let's roll up our sleeves and start planning. I give you the Email Diva's guide to a successful holiday email strategy.

  • Subject Line Dilemma  in Email Insider on 07/01/2008

    Dear Email Diva: I need a catchy subject line, something to make sure that prospects open my email. I have tried professional, I have tried friendly, I have tried blunt and to the point, I have tried kooky, but none seems to work. What I am I doing wrong?

  • The New Reality Of Email Inbox(es) in Email Insider on 06/24/2008

    Consumers are being deluged by email -- personal, commercial and business -- and they're doing something to manage the flow. We don't need just to stand out in the inbox, we need to get subscribers to access their "inbound only" accounts. To do this, email marketers, we must dedicate ourselves to providing Value to our subscribers. Let's stop worrying about this or that minor element to test and think big picture:

  • ABCs of Email Rendering in Email Insider on 06/17/2008

    A reader wanted to know a basic definition of "image supression, optimizing HTML tex, alt tags and pre-header text. The Email Diva is here to help.

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