Thursday, February 11, 2016

Around The Net

  • CenturyLink To Charge Users Who Exceed Data CapsDslreports

    Broadband provider CenturyLink will soon start charging subscribers overages for exceeding their data caps, which range from 150 GB to 250 GB, the company said at an earnings call this week. "Regarding the metered data plans; we are considering that for second half of the year," CenturyLink CFO Stewart Ewing said on the company's earnings conference call, according to DSLReports. "We think it is important and our competition is using the metered plans today and we think that exploring those starts and trials later this year is our expectation." ...Read the whole story

  • Congress Prohibits States From Taxing Web AccessArstechnica

    The U.S. Senate voted today to permanently prohibit state and local governments from taxing Web access. The House has already passed a similar measure, which will now go to President Barack Obama for signature. The law will require seven states currently tax Web access to phase out those laws. ...Read the whole story

  • Google Expanding Right-To-Be-ForgottenThe New York Times

    Google is reportedly preparing to block access to certain disputed links from and its other domains when people in Europe use its online search engine. “The links to be blocked or removed are those that people have successfully petitioned Google or a national regulator to have blocked because of European privacy concerns,” The New York Times reports, citing sources. ...Read the whole story

  • HBO Now Not Quite ThereTubefilter

    Ten months in, HBO Now has "only" 800,000 subs, not 1-2 million some projected. But HBO CEO Richard Plepler argues, the service still not available from PlayStation, Xbox platforms. Or, are potential users waiting for new "Game of Thrones" in April?  ...Read the whole story

  • Russia Tells Netflix: Get A LicenseHollywood Reporter

    Apparently, Netflix didn't jump through all of Russia's regulatory hoops before setting up shop. Looks like they're going to need to visit the commissar.  ...Read the whole story

  • Twitter's Revenue is Growing, But Site Lost 2 Million Users in

    Twitter announced Q4 2015 ad revenues on Wednesday that show, not counting SMS Fast Followers, monthly active users declined from 307 million in Q3 to 305 million in Q4. Year-over-year, this represents only a 6% increase. The company also reported a Q4 revenue of $710 million — a year-over-year increase of 48%. Overall in 2015, Twitter’s revenues exceeded $2.2 billion. Ad engagement is up 153% which says is "no small feat." In addition, Twitter said it now has more than 130,000 active advertisers, a 90% year-over-year jump. ...Read the whole story

The DNA Of Danger Vs. The Right Of Privacy

As you read this sentence, new, spectacular statistics are being written about mobile's inevitable march through marketing. Yet in a mad dash for profit, we are blowing a huge opportunity. Mobile, in its own right, is ...More

  • Facebook Investor Steps In It, Enrages Subcontinent

    Venture capitalist Marc Andreessen, a member of the Facebook board of directors, sparked outrage with a tweet Wednesday following the Indian telecom regulator's decision to block Facebook's "Free Basics" initiative to bring free, limited Internet access ...More