Friday, June 24, 2016

Around The Net

  • Cox Communications Falls For Phishing Scam TorrentFreak

    Scammers are targeting Internet service providers and consumers with a new phishing scheme that relies on fake copyright notices, Torrent Freak reports. The scam involves sending fake takedown notices and settlement demands to ISPs, with requests that the notices be forwarded to subscribers. At least one large ISP -- Cox -- has been fooled by the fake emails, according to Torrent Freak. ...Read the whole story

  • Twitter Rolling Out Location Feeds TechCrunch

    With the help of Foursquare, Twitter is finally starting to let users see tweets from specific places. Location feeds could inspire people to tweet more while out and about, fuel Moments about particular places, and improve Twitter’s ad targeting data,” TechCrunch notes. Also, “Better location functionality could be an important building block for Twitter’s future products and revenue potential.” ...Read the whole story

  • Over Half Of Email Servers Susceptible To Spoof Emails ZDNet

    Over half of the world's most popular online services have misconfigured servers that could place users at risk from spoof emails. According to Swedish cybersecurity firm Detectify, poor authentication processes and configuration settings in servers belonging to hundreds of major online domains could put users at risk of legitimate-looking phishing campaigns and fraudulent emails. ...Read the whole story

  • Senate Votes Down Bill That Would Have Let FBI Access Email & Search Records Without a Warrant USA Today

    The Senate rejected a proposed bill that would have given the FBI the authority to access citizen's Internet browsing histories and email records without a warrant. The bill's supporters suggested that terrorist attacks would be thwarted if the FBI had more control. Privacy rights advocates contended that the bill would lead to more government surveillance. ...Read the whole story

Social Media Failed To Predict #Brexit

In the case of #Brexit, Britain's stunning vote to leave the European Union on Thursday, the overall trend on social media seemed to favor "Remain." ...More