Thursday, September 6, 2012

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      • New Kindle Fire to Include Email AppTechCrunch

        Amazon revealed in the press launch of its new Kindle Fire tablets that for the first time the devices' operating system will have in integrated email application. The app will integrate with Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo!. Pricing for the new tablets will begin at $159 for the original Kindle Fire with the upgraded operating system, $199 for the 7-inch version, and $299 for an 8.9-inch HD version. These price points and the integrated email app will make the Kindle Fire an important mobile platform for email marketers. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos indicated in the press release that the original Kindle ... ...Read the whole story

      • Three Counterintuitive Tips to Boost Email ResultsBusiness 2 Community

        As email evolves, much of what were previously considered best practices are now counterproductive. For example, auto-inserting a name is not personalization; the Rule of 7 (which posits that your audience needs to hear your message 7 times before responding) is liable to earn more spam complaints than conversions; and double opt-in makes up in subscriber quality what it gives up in quantity. ...Read the whole story

      • The Inbox is the New Activity StreamTechCrunch

        The latest version of Confluence (an enterprise Wiki developed by Atlassian) includes a feature called "WorkBox," which functions as a task management activity stream, similar to the way many people use and organize inboxes. Similar products are available by Asana Inbox and Yammer Inbox, and ail aimed at reducing email volume. External task management applications are an approach in contrast to task management within the inbox. and Qontext, for example, aim to make the inbox more functional at task management, instead of trying to replace the inbox with a separate application entirely. ...Read the whole story

      • Epsilon Announces Individual Email Targeting by Time and DeviceAdweek

        Marketing Services Provider Epsilon has launched the Email Response Network, allowing brands to automatically deploy messages to individual subscribers based on when they are most likely to click on them. Drawing on data from all its email clients and emphasizing clicks over opens, the service operates much like a targeted display ad network, serving email messages based on individual behavioral data. For example, a subscriber who regularly checks mail on her iPhone first thing in the morning would be more likely to respond to a promotion to download a new mobile app when on that device. A message requiring more ... ...Read the whole story

      • The 4 Distinct Personalities of Connected ConsumersiMedia Connection

        A new study by the IBM Institute of Business Value surveyed over 3,800 consumers in the U.S., U.K., China, France, Germany and Japan in order to determine how people interact with technology, brands and each other. The study revealed four distinct personalities of connected consumers: Efficiency Experts who use email and social media to simplify their lives, Social Butterflies who rely on social media, IM and mobile phones to call, text and tag their friends instantly, Content Kings whose principal motivation is to consume digital content including movies, games, music and news, and Connected Maestros who integrate news, entertainment and ... ...Read the whole story

      2012 OMMA Awards Finalist: Online Advertising Creativity Email: Campaign or Standalone, Digitas, Delta Air Lines

      Delta’s 2011 holiday ecard took those who opened the email on a world tour, tying in season’s greetings with Delta destinations. The interface was simple yet inventive, a vertical scroller that users could navigate by swiping, ...More