2012 OMMA Awards Finalist: Online Advertising Creativity Email: Campaign or Standalone, Digitas, Delta Air Lines

Delta’s 2011 holiday ecard took those who opened the email on a world tour, tying in season’s greetings with Delta destinations. The interface was simple yet inventive, a vertical scroller that users could navigate by swiping, sliding or clicking. Each slide represented a different destination, with a button to click to hear “Happy Holidays” said in the native tongue and other buttons that displayed facts about the city when hovered over.Find the complete list of 2012 OMMA Awards Finalists here.Winners will be announced at the 2012 OMMA Awards reception in New York on October 1, 2012 ...More

  • The Rules for Email A/B Testing

    Ask an email expert any question about email and the response is usually, "It depends. You should A/B test it to find out." No matter what you are testing, following the same set of rules produces the most accurate and replicable results. This list of 10 rules includes advice on how much, how long, what and when to test, as well as tips for interpreting results. ...More

  • 2012 OMMA Awards Finalist: Online Advertising Creativity Email: Campaign or Standalone, Engauge, Food Lion

    This supermarket chain used email as a way to connect and activate its fans, both in the email content and through heavy Facebook integration. The four-week Holiday Bake-Off Promotion coincided with the winter holiday season. The campaign encouraged people to submit their favorite recipes using Food Lion’s Facebook tab. Once people submitted their recipe — in one of four categories — an email was triggered, real-time, using an API call in ExactTarget. The email had the user-submitted photo and the recipe in a shareable format that linked back to the brand’s Facebook page.Find the complete list of 2012 OMMA Awards ...More

  • What Email Practices Have You Rethought Recently?

    In this and past political seasons, one often-discussed topic is whether it's OK for a candidate to change his stance on an issue. If candidates change their opinion because their views and assumptions have truly changed and evolved over the years, then I would argue changing one's views is a positive sign. It can show a willingness to change and evolve as they learn more - through facts, real-world use cases and personal experiences. On the other hand, changing your stance simply to get more votes -- or because that's the way the wind is blowing -- is cowardly or ...More

  • 2012 OMMA Awards Finalist: Online Advertising Creativity Email: Campaign or Standalone, Yesmail Interactive, HP Home and Home Office Store

    With fun, engaging creative, Yesmail spread the word about an HP clearance event. At first glance, the email looks like a static email, with art displaying HP products. Then poof! One by one they begin to disappear in a puff of smoke. The playful message that shoppers needed to hurry or miss the best deals was effective: Compared to the same event the year before, the 2012 campaign saw a 132 percent lift in clicks, a 37 percent lift in conversion and generated a 29 percent lift in revenue per message sent, even with a send volume higher than that ...More