Show Email's Impact By The Numbers

No, this isn't another "email isn't dead" column. I'm tired of those, and you wouldn't be reading this column if you thought that email's day was done. However, as an email marketer who labors in the trenches, many of you field questions or get pressured every day to channel your energy and marketing dollars out of email and into the latest hot social network or whatever other channel is generating the most buzz and noise that day. You know email rocks, but you may have to prove it to everybody -- from clients, if you are an agency, to your ...More

  • A Little Bit Of Online Etiquette

    Dear Reader: It is often (and dishearteningly ) the case, in these modern times, that etiquette is considered unnecessary: an anachronism, a relic. We seem to have agreed to dispense with courtesies, with gentleness, and with grammar. There are many people who, like me, believe that etiquette and good graces have an intrinsic value, that they do not need to be justified in terms of return on investment or value for time spent. But I am aware that "just because it's good manners" is not an argument likely to win over those who don't already agree. So I offer some ...More