Friday, September 21, 2012

Around The Net

  • Annual Summit: 17% Open Rates and 3% Click-Through Benchmarks "Spot On" Blog

    The email marketing benchmarks of 17% open rates and 3% click-throughs, recently published by eMarketer, are "spot on" according to Listrak CEO Ross Kramer. Speaking at the Marketing Boot Camp in advance of the Annual Summit, Kramer went on to say that retailers should aim for 20% - 30% of revenues to be attributable to email. ...Read the whole story

  • Companies Urging Workers to Avoid After-Hours EmailChicago Tribune

    A growing number of companies is trying to rebuild the boundaries between work and home by urging their employees to stop checking email once they leave work, or at least to refrain from replying if they feel compelled to continue scanning the inbox. While the added productivity in an economic downturn is appreciated, some companies now have the foresight to try and ward off employee burnout.  ...Read the whole story

  • Over 80% of Retailers Fail to Maximize Email DataIT News Online

    A study of 100 leading retailers has found that over 80% do not ask for gender, address or birthday at email signup, missing opportunities to deliver more targeted messages and recommendations later.  ...Read the whole story

  • Consumers Favor Email Over Other Mobile MessagingDirect Marketing News

    A study by StrongMail and Forrester research reveals that 65% of consumers prefer offers to be delivered to their smartphones by email, compared to 63% who do not want in-app or SMS offers.  ...Read the whole story

  • Real-Time Ad Bidding Using Email Data and other Big Data to Shape Future of Email MarketingInternet Retailing

    CRM retargeting - or the ability to target online ads based on email addresses - will rise in influence and impact with the advent of real-time bidding, which allows marketers to target based on recent email activity. Instead of launching campaigns that retarget customers across the web, real-time bidding allows a marketer to reach prospects after they have received, opened or clicked a message but failed to convert.  ...Read the whole story

  • Google Apps Users Get Email and Contacts Migration ToolZDNet

    Google now offers its Apps users the ability to easily import emails and contacts from AOL, Yahoo! and Hotmail. Previously offered to consumer users of Apps, this feature is now available to standard, business, government and education users of the service. ...Read the whole story

Show Email's Impact By The Numbers

No, this isn't another "email isn't dead" column. I'm tired of those, and you wouldn't be reading this column if you thought that email's day was done. However, as an email marketer who labors in the ...More

  • A Little Bit Of Online Etiquette

    Dear Reader: It is often (and dishearteningly ) the case, in these modern times, that etiquette is considered unnecessary: an anachronism, a relic. We seem to have agreed to dispense with courtesies, with gentleness, and with ...More