Monday, November 26, 2012

Around The Net

  • Email List Prices Drop as Supply Grows

    List management company Worldata reports that the average price of aggregated email lists has dropped 4.35% over the same period a year ago, to $154 per thousand names. Postal list prices have also softened by 3.13% to $124 per thousand.  ...Read the whole story

  • Black Friday Online Retail Traffic Increased 7% in 2012, Thanksgiving Not Far Behind Experian CheetahMail Blog

    Experian has published its analysis of Black Friday traffic to the Top 500 online retailers and found a 7% lift over Black Friday in 2011. Black Friday traffic was only 1% higher than Thanksgiving Day traffic this year, proving correct the analysts who predicted holiday creep would result in a big retail Thanksgiving online.  ...Read the whole story

  • Marketing Attribution Modeling Now Becoming Mainstream Marketing Charts

    According to a new study by Econsultancy and Adobe, 54% of clients and 64% of agencies report that they carry out marketing attribution. This is up from a similar report in July 2012 where only 24% of marketers were engaged in marketing attribution, and a report in June that had the practice at only 8% adoption. Both agencies and clients cite the rise of mobile as the reason for the increased attribution scrutiny. ...Read the whole story

  • Message Bus Launches Cloud-Based Email Reporting Service Talkin' Cloud

    Cloud-Based Email Services company Message Bus has launched Discover, a free reporting service that allows companies to see if their email systems are being abused or misused. Message Bus reports that the service has saved an ecommerce company over $1 million by revealing unauthorized senders. ...Read the whole story

One More Reason Why You Want to Acquire Email Addresses and not Facebook Likes

Facebook has changed the way pages interact with their fans. The site is now reining in the visibility of each page's post among its audience of fans, and encouraging the use of promoted posts to reach ...More