Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Around The Net

  • Spamhaus Blacklists Retailers for Email Address Typos The Magill Report

    Spamhaus has begun blacklisting major retailers for typos in email addresses. The incorrect addresses are thought to be the result of the retailers' e-receipt programs that allow a customer to enter an email address at the point of sale in order to have a receipt emailed after the purchase instead of printed out. Spamhaus blacklisting can suppress email delivery by as much as 60%.  ...Read the whole story

  • Accomplished Celebrity Email Hacker Gets Ten Years in Prison Gizmodo

    Christopher Chaney, an accomplished email hacker who illegally obtained access to over 50 high profile accounts between November 2010 and October 2011, has been sentenced to ten years in prison after pleading guilty to wiretapping and other charges. Among the accounts he hacked were those of Christina Aguliera, Scarlett Johansson and Mila Kunis. ...Read the whole story

  • Online Retail Visits Up 8% Y-O-Y Experian Marketing Services

    Online retail visits for the week of December 9-15 are up 8% over the same period last year, according to the latest data from Experian Marketing Services. Amazon remains the leading site with over 166 million visits.  ...Read the whole story

  • VA To Migrate First 15K of 400K Users to Cloud-Based Email AOL Government

    The Veterans Administration announced previously its plans to move 400K employees to cloud-based email, calendars and messaging on Microsoft Office 365 by 2014. The migration will begin with a first phase of 15,000 users within a separate community cloud in order to determine the most prudent approach for migrating the rest of the massive user base. The VA estimates that it will save $85 million with the full migration, much of which is by avoiding expensive internal hardware upgrades. ...Read the whole story

  • HubShout Offers Templated, Curated, Pre-Written Email Newsletters Open PR

    Online marketing services firm HubShout has announced a new turnkey email newsletter service for clients, offering custom newsletters composed of curated industry news and professionally written copy. The service is aimed as SMBs that are aggregating an audience of subscribers but do not have the resources to execute an email strategy. Messages are sent through Amazon's SES cloud infrastructure. ...Read the whole story

Anti-ROI Of Poor Mobile Experience: Your Brand May Be Losing Money Daily

Every month, it seems a new report is released announcing that more people are buying and using their smartphones to browse websites, send email, watch sale items and even make purchases. Some brands report as many ...More