Thursday, December 27, 2012

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      • Eloqua Execs "Convinced" That Open System Integration Will Continue After Oracle AcquisitionEloqua Blog

        Eloqua CEO Joe Payne and CTO Steve Woods have reassured the company's clients that they are "convinced" Eloqua's open system allowing integration with different CRM applications, data sources and social media platforms will persist after their acquisition by Oracle closes. Many of the leading applications with which Eloqua integrates are owned by Oracle's direct competitors, including and Microsft CRM. ...Read the whole story

      • Inky Introduces Smart Inbox Management In A Desktop ClientTechCrunch

        While most of the inbox management applications integrate with web-based accounts such as Gmail and Yahoo, Inky concentrates instead on desktop users with an email client that automatically sorts messages by relevance and learns how to categorize messages the more it is used. The application is now available as a Beta download for Windows and Mac users. ...Read the whole story

      • Congress Has "Momentum" To Stop Warrantless Email Snooping, Aides SayBuzzFeed

        The updated version of the 1986 Electronic Communications Privacy Act passed through Congress last week after the provisions requiring a search warrant to view emails older than 6 months were stripped out. However a Democratic aide indicated that the bill's author, Senator Patrick Leahy, did not expect the bill to pass through the lame duck session and would instead be a multi-year effort. Introducing the measure into the so-called Neftlix bill that did pass helps maintain momentum for the email initiative into the new congress of 2013, the aide said.  ...Read the whole story

      • Attorney Claims EPA Chief Resigned Over Alias Email AccountsFox News

        A Washington attorney has claimed that EPA Chief Lisa Jackon's resignation today was driven in part by the investigation into her use of an alias email account at the EPA. Jackson used the email alias "Richard Windsor" at the EPA, a move she said was precipitated by too much email volume at her own account but which critics claim kept conversations private and complicated oversight of the EPA. Some House Republicans last week acknowledged to Jackson the need for a second email address for some communications purposes, but noted that her "choice to use a false identify remains baffling." ...Read the whole story

      Preference Centers Aren't Worthless -- Your Approach Can Be

      One hot topic at the recent Email Insider Summit in Park City, Utah, centered on the role and value of email preference centers. As with other email-marketing disputes, the debate that emerged from a panel discussion ...More

      • Statistical Significance in a Testing World

        While many marketers are aware of the role of statistical significance in A/B testing, a more fundamental understanding of the mechanics that lie beneath the phrase can improve tests' accuracy and defensibility.  Read the full article ...More