Friday, January 18, 2013

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      • Industry Slow to Adopt DMARC Email

        A year ago a group of 15 ESPs, financial firms and message security companies founded, a working group to create standards to help prevent phishing and other email security threats. While the group announced in late in 2012 that a number of additional companies have adopted the DMARC standards - including Constant Contact and - adoption nevertheless remains slow. DMARC allows senders and recipients to exchange authentication information when transmitting messages in order to guarantee to the address owner that the message is safe. For example, messages sent to with the DMARC standard are now flagged in ... ...Read the whole story

      • Smartphone Owners More Likely to Read Emails than Make CallsEconsultancy

        79% of smartphone owners use their devices to read email while 78% use them to make phone calls, according to the Econsultancy 2013 Digital Publishing Report. Email is also the leading application of tablet owners (79%), ahead of playing games (67%) and Facebook (61%). ...Read the whole story

      • Microsoft Delivers Temporary Fix of the Missing Email BugThe Next Web users have been reporting missing email messages since October following their joining the service. After responding to user complaints on the company's forum by deleting them, Microsoft today finally acknowledged the problem and explained that it was associated with renaming accounts. Microsoft reports that it has fixed many of the user accounts that were having issues and will continue to work on the rest. ...Read the whole story

      • Open and Click Rates Up in Canada, Down in the U.S.mediacaster

        Inbox Marketer reports that email open and click rates in Canada rose in 2012, while the same engagement metrics dropped in the U.S. The data is part of the company's annual Email Marketing Trends report. The report also finds that 46% of emails in Canada are opened on mobile devices.  ...Read the whole story

      • Consumers are Wary of Giving Too Much Data to Email MarketersInternet Retailer

        A new study by Emailvision Holdings finds that 28% of consumers would share their names with brands in exchange for "better targeted offers." Not surprisingly a higher percentage - 37% - would provide their gender for improved targeting, as gender is a better criteria for identifying product matches than a name. 8% of the respondents in the study would share their underwear size if it resulted in improved targeting. ...Read the whole story

      Top Uses For Computer And Smartphone Are Device Sensitive

      According to The Harris Poll in November 2012 there are both divergences and similarities in actions performed by smartphone owners using both the phone and the computer. When smartphone owners are asked which of a set ...More