Court Upholds Conviction For Sending Fake Emails

Five years ago, Raphael Golb took to the Web to criticize scholars who disagreed with his father, an expert on the Dead Sea Scrolls. To do so, Golb used some unconventional methods. He created dozens of fake email accounts under the names of other scholars, and then posted comments under those names in order to embarrass his father's critics -- especially NYU professor Larry Schiffman. At one point, Golb sent emails under Schiffman's name that admitted to plagiarism. ...More

  • What I Learned About Email From My 91-Year-Old Uncle

    My great uncle is 91 years old. He recently moved into assisted living (he needs a little more help these days then the family can support), and so we have been going through all of his things. In all of the mess, we did discover something that I found very interesting: V-Mail. In WWII my uncle was a Torpedo Man Second Class. And during this time, the government would provide V-Mail, or "Victory Mail" postcards that the enlisted and deployed could use to communicate back home to family and loved ones. His mother kept them, and when he returned home, ...More