Friday, February 1, 2013
  • Thrillist Makes Newsletter Mobile-Friendly

    For mens' lifestyle guide Thrillist, the email newsletter has always been at the heart of its content strategy. But as more users access its content from mobile devices, "we said we have to about six months ago we started coding for mobile first," said Thrillist CEO Ben Lerer. ...Read the whole story

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    • Mini Mails Cans of Spam In Apology for Email Blundermotortorque

      An email blunder mistakenly sent unintended emails - in some cases hundreds of them - to Mini USA's subscriber list. The auto brand swiftly apologized by sending its affected subscribers a package in the mail containing a can of spam, chocolate roses, duct tape along with a note of apology including a URL where forgiving subscribers can re-connect with the brand. The note explains that the duct tape is to help "fix things up" and closes with "We'd love to reconnect. If you'd like to link-up with us again, just visit" ...Read the whole story

    • Marketers' Job Satisfaction On the RiseDirect Marketing News

      Over a third of marketers who participated in a recent survey by the American Marketing Association and Aquent report that their levels of job satisfaction increased in 2012, and 44% expect things to improve further in 2013. Aquent's VP of Marketing believes the optimism is a function of the challenging and rewarding experiences from working with increasingly sophisticated data. "Big changes like this can often cause people to be invigorated in their jobs. Marketers are now able to use data to predict customer behavior instead of just making guesses. They feel they'll be learning new skills, and that can be ... ...Read the whole story

    • Psychotherapist Believes Email Addiction is a Function of 'Lottery Brain'Huffington Post

      A psychotherapist believes that the reason many people check email frequently - some more than 100 times per day - is a function of 'lottery brain,' the part of the brain that produces the thought, hope or belief that miracles can happen. When she asked people what they secrety hoped they would find in their email, their responses included the hope that an old sweetheard was trying to reconnect, an acknowledgement of a piece of good work done, a love letter from a spouse, a note of gratitude from a child, or news that a windfall of cash is owed to ... ...Read the whole story

    • EmailFlyerAds Launches Responsive Design Email Newsletters Targeting Real Estate ProfessionalsSFGate

      EmailFlyerAds, a service offering turnkey newsletters for real estate professionals with pre-written industry-specific content and dynamically generated property listings, has updated their offering with a mobile-friendly responsive design. Newsletters are now formatted properly regardless of what platform or device subscribers are using.  ...Read the whole story

    • Postcardly Launches iOS App that Uses Email to Turn Photos Into PostcardsGeekWire

      Postcardly today launched an iOS app for its photo-to-postcard service. The service allows users to send a photo by email which the company converts into a physical postcard and mails to its recipient.  ...Read the whole story

    What I Learned About Email From My 91-Year-Old Uncle

    My great uncle is 91 years old. He recently moved into assisted living (he needs a little more help these days then the family can support), and so we have been going through all of his ...More